Agility in Southern California

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Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 5:56pm PST 
Since it's a pretty populated area, figured I'd ask if anyone knows a good beginner's agility program in So Cal. I know there are a ton but I'm not sure which ones are good and which aren't.

Onyx is only six months so I definitely don't want to do anything high impact for a while. I've never done agility but judging from some of the posts in this forum, it can start off pretty slow and easy (joint wise), right?

Any advice is appreciated!

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Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 7:59pm PST 
I’m in NorCal, so I don’t know of any places specifically, but you might try PM’ing Maxwell.

And yep, there is a ton of foundation work/flat work you can be doing with your pup. With my younger dog I trained directionals, crosses, and a reliable contact behavior before I put her on the equipment. Training the obstacles is really the easy part of agility, the handling that goes on between them is the hard part.

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Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 8:06pm PST 
JumpStart is a good one,


We took handling classes there; it's in Yorba Linda. We used to sit and watch the agility classes too. smile

Another one is Wags & Wiggles, they have two locations; http://wagsandwiggles.com/

We went to the Tustin location for Obedience I; they also have a location in Rancho Santa Margarita.


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Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 8:09pm PST 
Hi Onyx,

Where in So CA are you? There are quite a few but I can best point you in the right direction if you let me know what area you are in. There are lots of options, but it depends on how far away you are willing to go and traffic/timing issues.

I know of good trainers in SD, OC and Inland Empire, as well as a few in North Coastal LA area (Camarillo/Ventura).

You can PMail me if you want and I can give you specifics.

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Barked: Thu Dec 8, '11 9:01pm PST 
Thanks all!

That makes sense, Abbey. I definitely have a lot to learn!

I was looking at Jump Start since that's where I go for his handling classes. It's about an hour's drive for me but so far everything I've done with him has been at least that far away. I'll check out Wags & Wiggles too.

I'm in the Inland Empire, Forest. Somewhere in the I.E. would be great so I don't have to drive as far.

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Barked: Mon Jan 9, '12 9:32pm PST 
Oh gee, I haven't been on Dogster in forever, but just in case you haven't decided on a class... I asked this question a long time ago and got great suggestions. I even gave some suggestions to Ghost's mother smile

I go to this place: Agile Paws Dog Sports. It's a lot more one on one time because her classes aren't crowded.

The trainer I go to has taken classes at Wags N Wiggles. The trainers are very experienced. They have a lot of fun, cheap classes too!

I do know one person who goes to Jump Start and loves it.

There's always Zoom Room, but they're a little more amateur and not concerned with competing.

I hate to bad mouth trainers but there are a couple I'm not fond of, I won't post their names publicly though.

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Barked: Mon Jan 9, '12 11:27pm PST 
Thank, Jynx! I'm learning towards Wags & Wiggles at this point but I'll check out Agile Paws Dog Sports too. I'll admit cheap would be good as long as it's not sacrificing quality.
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Barked: Tue Jan 10, '12 7:51am PST 
We LOVE agility, Onyx... absolutely love it... but are not in SoCal.

There are a whole bunch of things that will help you when you start out. Most are obedience-related. Work on hand signals as much as or more than words. You can also get Onyx used to the idea that you can communicate direction by 'pointing'.

You might pick up a copy of Control Unleashed... there are some really good focus exercises in that book.

Just one caution... make sure you listen to your dog. Many love agility, some do not. This should be a really happy sport for both you and your dog. And, umm, ahh GSDs can be rockets... start working on YOUR training now... you are going to need to get from point A to point B (more likely point D or E) in a hurry. We wish you luck and look forward to hearing about your adventures dog walk

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Barked: Tue Jan 10, '12 9:52am PST 
Great ideas, Charks, thank you! I've heard good things about that book but I haven't read it, I'll make sure to pick up a copy.

We probably won't start classes for a couple months yet so we'll work on focus in the meantime.

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Barked: Fri Jan 27, '12 12:31pm PST 
Whoops.. I meant Wags has cheap $25 classes that are just for a day, not the agility class though. Their prices are pretty average I think. I think Jump Start might be the cheapest and Agile Paws somewhere in the middle. Agile Paws is the closest to me (for a real agility class, there are closer ones that are just messing around with equipment) so that's why I chose it but I really love the trainer, she's great!