AKC Jump Height Card?

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Barked: Tue Dec 2, '08 5:32pm PST 
Me and Magnum are supposed to start competing in agility at the beginning of next year so I wanted to know about the AKC jump height cards. Magnum will be in the 24" category, and I know you have to have 3 signatures from 3 different people who are qualified to measure your dog. But I wanted to know can he compete with just one signature? Or do I have to get all 3 before he can? Thanks!
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Barked: Tue Dec 2, '08 6:45pm PST 

Above is the link to the Agility Rules and Regulations. Go down to page 26 to read about height card rules.

You don't need three measurements. Most dogs only need two. You will get a third measurement to break a "tie," which would be one VMO saying your dog is in one jump height and the other saying the dog is in another.

In your case, however, if your dog is in the 24" jump height, you only need one measurement. smile Easy for you!

You get a temporary card for dogs between 15 months and 24 months. You get your permanent card when your dog is over two years old. However, again because you have a 24" dog, you can get your permanent card once your dog is 15 months old.

Now, as for competing without a jump height card, yes, you can. If your dog is not in the 24" or 26" class, you will have to measured by the judge before running. That measurement will last for that specific trial only.

But, again, if your dog is in the 24" or 26" jump height, you don't have to be measured, according to how I read the rules.

However, if a VMO (Volunteer Measuring Official) is present at the show your dog MUST be officially measured if entered regardless of the jump height.

To read the rules, again go to page 26 of the link above.

Whoever told you to get three measurements on a 24" dog did not know what they were talking about. smile

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Barked: Wed Dec 3, '08 6:04pm PST 
Also when you get your temporary card if your dog jumps 24"+ height and is over 15 months you can request a permanent card right away. There is a box you check on the temporary piece of paper they give you and they will send a copy of it in for you and you will get your permanent card in the mail soon after. As noted above though, the measurement has to be done by a Volunteer Measuring Official (VMO) who you will find at the trial.... usually one of the judges.


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Ok, thanks you guys!

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Barked: Mon Apr 16, '12 7:09pm PST 
I know it's an old post, but I had a question to go with this topic.
Does anyone know the reason why a dog that measures over 22" can not be measured before 15 months of age?

I tried having my 8 month old measured at a recent trial, just to get it out of the way, even tho she's over 22", I was told I had to wait until she's 15 months old.
She's going to be jumping 24" even if she doesn't grow any more.