Do I get a Wheaten Terrior?

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Barked: Mon Feb 11, '13 7:59pm PST 
Looking for advice! Considering getting a Wheaten Terrior. I'm doing my research and trying to decide if I should get the Wheaten over the Australian Labradoodle or the Goldendoodle. Any comments/suggestions welcome! Thank you so much-

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Barked: Fri Mar 7, '14 9:40am PST 
I have a wheaten and love her. She is the best dog ever. I would recommend them.

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I am on my fourth one and love the breed, but it does depend on your life style. I don't think they would like be left a lone for an entire day.


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Barked: Fri Apr 18, '14 12:46pm PST 
I agree, it depends on your lifestyle. My wheaten just turned 1 and has an enormous amount of energy. They need daily "active" activity/exercise. My Wheaten is very stubborn and is hard to train. He is a barker! I am a first time dog mom.

Hope this helps.