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Hello i live with a family who owns two wheaten terriers one is a male and one is female. They are both about 5 years old. Ever since Ive known the dogs (around 3.5 years) the boy dog has always loved me. He jumps up to give me kisses and wont leave me alone. He has always been a sweet dog until a few months ago. My friends mother was brushing his knots out of his hair when he turned around and started biting her, like really biting. He had to have his mouth pried open by another family member so he would let go of her arm. Left some pretty awful bite wounds too. This isnt all that has happened, if the dog has something in his mouth or that he considers his he will attack. He starts to growl and then just starts attacking. If you step on his paw its the same thing. Theyve had a trainer but she was no use.
The family wont hit the dog either, they just stand back and scream bloody murder until the dog stops. The dog has even gone after the other girl dog and bitten her.
Is there anything they can do or is the dog hopeless??
Should they be hitting the dog or should they stay frightened of him?
Please any help would be great!