Anyone have this backside problem???

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I have a 3-month old male SCWT that we got 3 weeks ago. He is our first SCWT and we're all learning a lot about this breed. I've kept him on the same food as the breeder and everything was going well up until this week. His feces are normal, but 2 out of the past 4 days I've had to clean his rear because some keeps getting caught in the hair after he's done doing his businees. Is this merely a trimming issue or something else I should be looking in to? He'll go to the vet for his 4-mo shots in about 10 days and I'll ask there as well. But I wanted to know if others have had the same issue with their long-haired dogs.

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Any dog with a fluffy coat needs to be well trimmed back there. Annie has the same issue from time to time. Specially when her coat starts to get long. Totally normal might consider getting some scissors and learning to trim that area on your own to help between trips to the groomer.

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I have had my Wheatie since 2008. He was a rescue that was a starvation case and I always thought that his tummy troubles were a result of that. Occasionally, he has some mushy stool and it would get stuck. I keep some disposable gloves around for those unsanitary moments. I also keep him groomed nice & tidy back there. As he has matured, he has gotten snippy, so I bought a muzzle for the times I have to tend to his backside. He knows that when it is on, he might as well submit.