Wheaten Terrier humping

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We have 2 years old Wheaten Terrier and we have a big problem with him humping our guests and humping other females in the dog park.

When we have people over or if we take Tobi somewhere he always tries to hump someone. He does not do it to people that he already knows and spent a lot of time with. But, if someone new comes in we can not keep him off. Even if we try to keep him away he is very persistent and will not stop and will always try to get his way. Some people react as this is not a big deal, however because we do not want to encourage this behavior in any way we always ask to be firm with him and not let him do it. But if someone tries to take him down and say “no” he gets even more determined. We do not have obedience problems if it comes to other unwanted behaviors and in most cases are able to control situation.

Additionally, I have quite a problem if we go to the dog park. Seems like he is the only dog in the park that humps all the females. He is very persistent and it is quite hard to try keeping him off. He is very playful dog and I want him to play and not to hump other females especially that a lot of dog owners do not want their dogs being humped by my dog… and I do understand it.

Tobi is our first dog and we are still learning how to train him and control him. It is not easy to understand some of behaviors and even harder to figure out why is he behaving in such way. I am looking for advice on how to cut down this unwanted humping. I want also to note that Tobi is not fixed. I know that getting him neutered might help to calm him down but I will only do it if it is the only option left and if this behavior will get more persistent.