dog aggression in wheatens

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I have a male Wheaten, who is almost 8yrs old. I got him from a reputable breeder, when he was a puppy. I often took him to the dog park, he went with me everywhere that was dog friendly, and rarely had any issues with him not getting along with other dogs. However, the older he gets, the more he's becoming aggressive towards other dogs. I'd say, up to about 5yrs old, he was fine; then, the dog aggression started and has gotten progressively worse. He growls, shows his teeth, lunges at other dogs, while we're on walks, or barks (visciously) when he's riding in the car, if he sees a dog. With my boyfriends greyhound (who's the calmest, most laid-back dog ever), my wheaten is very unpredictalbe. At times, he's attacked him, for no apparent/obvious reason, to us. No aggression at all towards people.

2yrs ago, I got a female wheaten, and other than when related to food, he's awesome with her. I've read that wheatens can develop "same sex" dog aggression, but I don't feel like he limits his aggression strictly to other male dogs.

I know he's a great dog, but I have get his dog aggression under control. As it is, I can't take him to play at dog parks anymore, and hesitate allowing him to tag along with me, to dog friendly stores/restaurants...and I hate that, because I want him to be able to enjoy those things once again. He's worked with more than one trainer, and I'm still having issues.

Has anyone else experienced something similar, with their Wheaten? If so, how did you handle it? Were you able to resolve the problem, and find a way to stop the dog aggression?

Please help. Any info/advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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We had a similar problem with one of our two wheaten terriers. In the end we had to give him to our dog walker and in her home he is great. It was explained to me that over time the dog became more "protective" of our family. It was heartbreaking but he too started to attack other dogs. In our town we were held responsible financially for other dog vet bills so we felt it was safer to have him live elsewhere.
Sorry I couldn't give you a more "upbeat" response. Good Luck

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Several years ago we adopted a wheaten terrier rescue, he had serious aggression issues, the first thing we had to do was get him neutered, I'm assuming you've already done this. We worked with a dog trainer and a behaviorist and through alot of really hard work we were able to overcome alot of his aggression issues. Aggression will often begin with food guarding, so it's really important to address this issue with the help of a qualified professional. Then working with a trainer and behaviorist who has a proven track record in dealing with aggression issues would probably be the best way to go. A word of encouragement, it is possible to rehabilitate aggression, alot of it is training the people as well as the dog. Our boy went from being aggressive with everyone to becoming a lovely gentle dog that I could take into a nursing home to visit with dementia patients. It certainly didn't happen over night, in fact it took him and us a few years to get there, but it was worth it.

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my wheaten is now 1 1/2 years old. He is quite headstrong and a handful to manage but we have done well enough with him. He was sociable with other dogs until the last couple of months. Now he is friendly to some dogs and barks violently at others, primarily an old English sheep dog whose owners try desperately to avoid us.

He is leashed all the time (we are city dwellers) except when we are in the dog park. When in the dog park, he has never had a problem and runs around wildly with both large and small dogs and has a wonderful time.

I am seriously considering a behaviorist for Clancy. Living in a large city (Chicago), we confront lots of other dogs on our multiple daily walks. I'm embarrassed by his sporadic wild barking.

Any ideas?