Would a Wheaten work for me?

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Here's my situation: My husband and I live in a 1 bdrm apartment and a dog (we would probably try to rescue) would be crated the majority of 3 days a week. My husb. works retail, so two days during the week he has off, and I have weekends off. I work nearby, so I could even stop at home on lunch to let the dog out to use the bathroom on the three days that neither of us would be home. I'm very active, I would walk / run with the dog at least once a day if not twice - morning and night. (Ideally.) Is this a plan that *could* work or do I really have to wait until we find a bigger place?

I grew up with big dogs - a bloodhound bullmastiff mix, a lab, and a german shepherd / lab mix all at different times in my childhood, not to mention tons of cats and other farm type animals. My husband grew up with a bichon... so we're familiar with pets and dogs, just trying to figure out if this is even an option for us. I really don't want a mini / toy type of dog. Thanks in advance for your help!