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Hi there,

I'm about to buy a Weaten for the first time and wondered if some of you more epxerienced out there could share a few tips?

I grew up with bigger dogs (rotties and alsatians) so I'm looking forward to a change of pace! We're actually in an apartment but live next to a dog park, so walking will be a breeze, but I have been researching tips on how to discourage barking, as I know it's a tendency in Wheatens, has anyone had much success with this? The dog will be with me at work all day (I'm a photographer) so it's important she's well socialized for strangers.

Also, the line I'm looking at (there are only two in our country so they're hard to come by) has skin allergies, has anyone had success treating this in their wheatens?

Thanks so much for all your help and any and all tips you have on raising a wheaten would be much appreciated!

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Hello Great choice. My Wheaten does not have skin allergies so I can not help you there. My Wheaten does not bark much at all. Only if there is a squirrel in tree really good with stranger or any one, very friendly.

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Hi! I have a 7-month old Wheaten Terrier who is an absolute sweetheart. What I've heard (and seen in my own wheatie) is that they don't bark very much. Of course, this can also depend on their own personality.
My pup LOVES everyone he meets (both human and canine), and always manages to charm his way into their hearts. Socialization will have to depend on you, which you already know, but they are typically a friendly breed (there are at least 4 others wheatens in my area party)

If the only lines available are ones with skin allergies, maybe you should wait for a new line? Or even ship a puppy from another country, if you are willing to go that route. Skin allergies seem pretty difficult to find a solution or to appease the symptoms, so I think it would be better to find a healthy pup rather than what is available.


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As far as wheaten terriers go they are actually considered great apartment dogs as long as you can get them some exercise daily. My wheaten rarely if ever barks including at the doorbell or knocking on the door. She just runs up to the door tail(nub) wagging to great whoever is there. For a terrier they are definately on the quieter side.

As for the allergy issue you might want to consider finding some other source for the dog. I think encouraging some one who is breeding dogs with potential health risks is a bad thing. As I deal with food allergies in Annie (she scratches and gets stumach issues) I would not wish that on anyone its managable but not easily. People always want to give her treats/food and she just can't have most of the stuff out there.