What are your reasons for getting a Wheaten Terrier?

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My first Wheaten, who is now 4 years old, has been a great addition to our family! At first we were thinking of getting a Maltese or Coton de Tuelar, but we didn't want such a small dog. We needed a hypoallergenic dog, too, because some of our family members are allergic to doggie fur. Our veternarian reccomened getting a Wheaten and once we saw pictures, we knew we found the perfect pooch! In fact, we loved Buckeye so much that we brought another Wheaten in to our home about three years later.

Why did you choose a Wheaten?? laugh out loud

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I had never even heard of a wheaten terrier till after I got mine. I adopted her at a local shelter and although she is pure wheaten no one knew what she was. Wheaten's are not common at all around here. I did a doggie DNA test to find out what she was.

Anyway I got her at the local shelter when I was looking for a medium sized dog. I was looking at a Blue Heeler/Aussie mix and even applied to adopt her. Luckily for me some one had already filled out an app for her. When I went back I found Annie when I saw her face I thought she was so cute but her paws looked huge. I thought she was going to be huge. I asked for info and they told me she was a year old. So I felt her paws and noticed it was all fluff. So I took her for a walk and she instantly started playing with me and being super affectionate and I was sold. The bonus part for me is she doesn't set off my allergies like many dogs do, including the one I originally picked out. I couldn't be happier with any other dog she is so in sync with me when I am sleepy she naps with me. When I am happy she is happy. If I give her food she waits till I am eating to eat. She even got sick when I was sick it was kinda cute though I felt so bad for her.
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I am a terrier person. Give me attitude and a stink eye and I'm in lurve.

Add in the playful attitude....

Never heard of a wheaten until after I adopted Emm. She was a black puppy that needed a bath when I got her. After her first haircut, I found my little lady had turned blonde! Wasn't until a trainer mentioned the breed that I started to look into what she may be. Now I volunteer with a wheaten resuce and go to a Wheaten Meetin', lol.