9 weeks old

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I just got my very first puppy, a beautiful wheaten, last week. He is now 9 weeks old and he is skin and bones. He only eats a few bites of his food at each meal and I'm afraid he's getting even skinnier frown I'm probably just freaking out like any new mom but I've tried two different foods, nothing works. I normally feed him 3 times a day, give him plenty of time to eat and soak his food in a bit of water. He eats a few bites and then just walks away. He's actually eating less than when I first got him. Does anyone have any suggestions for my new little guy?
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are you feeding what the breeder fed?

it could take a little bit for him to relax and eat. he was just separated from mom and siblings, this is stressful.

what about adding a little water (if it's dry kibble) and warm it up a bit. Something about warm smelly food can help some dogs want to eat.

if push comes to shove you might try a little chicken (I do raw, but you could sear it lightly for him).

have you seen your own vet yet? this might be something to ask about.

what a cutie!

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Our wheaten was very fussy, but one thing he ate was a baked or boiled potato ( no skins) and some boiled boneless chicken or hamburg. We found later that he was allergic to the food his parents were on and the breeder told us to use.

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Mixing warm can food in water with dry food tends to help. But this breed are terrible eaters. My first Wheaten wouldn't eat unless you sit with her. We couldn't have any distractions.... Some chicken mixed in might help but knowing this breed they prob will pick around the dry food for the chicken! Experimenting with different foods might help but for the first few weeks stay with whatever food they were feeding him. You can always ween him off of it by mixing some new food in. Good luck with your new baby! They are wonderful additions!