Am I Being Paranoid?

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Barked: Wed Aug 28, '13 2:31pm PST 
We recently got a city dog park that is conveniently is located at the end of my road. It literally was put in about a week ago. I have taken my Lab/Beagle/Basset "Morrison" and my Chihuahua who is on the larger side (somewhere between 8-10lbs)"Lacey" to the park four times now and have had zero issues.

I take them in the early morning and early afternoon so that we usually have the park to ourselves. But occasionally we get to interact with other dogs and their owners. So far we have met a HUGE Lab, a HUGE Gsd, and two awesome Cattle Dogs. All has gone well since both Morrison and Lacey are super dog and people friendly.

Thing is I don't feel confident enough to bring Fae (4-5 lbs), Honey (my 9 year old 4 lb Pomeranian), or Osha (6 lb Chihuahua)to the park also. I don't worry so much about Lacey because she is on the larger scale in the small dog world. And I have seen her interact with all kinds of large dogs with different temperaments and she is always unscathed.

But I can't help but imagine a larger dog who is not properly controlled by their owner coming into the park and attacking one of my toy sized dogs. It would only take a few shakes or one good bite to kill any of them. Now again I have to say I have not yet encountered a aggressive or unstable dog at the dog park. But they place is fairly new. And you just never know what could happen.

So even though I hate leaving the tiny ones at home. I feel like it is better safe than sorry in this instance. But I hate that they are missing out on socializing with other dogs. It's not like they don't get walked daily or get daily off leash time. Because they do. It just is a bummer leaving them behind.

Am I being paranoid? Do those of you with toy breeds (under 6 lbs) feel comfortable bringing your little ones into the dog park?

When I was a teen (am now 25) and would visit my dad on the weekends we would take his dog Dozer to a huge dog park. That park was split down the middle by a fence and one side was for "big dogs" and the other for "little dogs". I hope maybe our park will do something like that in the future. I then think I would be totally willing to bring Fae, Honey, and Osha to the dog park.

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Pocket Wolf
Barked: Wed Aug 28, '13 3:09pm PST 
Take them on different days, if there is a small dog side to your park. Our city park has a 2 acre side for small dogs (under 35lbs) and a 5 acre all dog side. If you have small and large dogs, take the large dogs one day to the big dog side, and small dogs the next day. It only ever takes one incident to ruin a dog's life. I would not say you're paranoid at all by not wanting to take the wee ones. It's not just about the potential for fights. there have been very real incidents when just having a wee one get stepped on will seriously injure or kill, and big dogs don't always watch where their feet are going.

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Miss- Pig!
Barked: Wed Aug 28, '13 3:25pm PST 
But I can't help but imagine a larger dog who is not properly controlled by their owner coming into the park and attacking one of my toy sized dogs. It would only take a few shakes or one good bite to kill any of them.

To be honest the very same thing could happen to Lacey who is still tiny also. It's one of those things you as their owner have to weigh up. But I can't see much difference in taking Lacey and not the others.

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Barked: Wed Aug 28, '13 6:21pm PST 
No, you are not being paranoid hug Our dog park has a small dog side and a big dog side. Princesse doesn't actually care too much for the dog park but the couple of times I did bring her I went on the small dog side. My other dog is reactive, so I just take him on the big dog side ( he is kind of on the bigger side of small, 20 pounds) when there are no other dogs. If I was in your situation, I would bring the smaller ones together when there are no big dogs there smile

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Barked: Wed Aug 28, '13 6:41pm PST 
I have an Italian greyhound and I would absolutely never take him to a dog park where the dogs were not separated by weight. The dog park we go to has a under 25 pounds side and an over 25 pounds side. If a dog over 25 pounds is on the small side I always explain the rules to the owner and if they don't go to the big side I call the people who run the park and they cone kick them out. I hate being the person who does this but my dog is small and fragile and the small side of the park is supposed to be for small dogs.
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Barked: Fri Aug 30, '13 9:49am PST 
A friend of my sister actually had his small chi at a dog park and it was killed by a larger dog. Also the park I go to on top of having small dog/big dog sides has a rule saying two dogs per person. Which I think makes sense because if someone was there with like 5 dogs how would they keep track of/control them all?

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Barked: Fri Aug 30, '13 4:37pm PST 
You are not being paranoid.

90% of the time the dogs are great at our dog park. But rarely, someone brings a dog who is out of control or toy-possessive, or just a bully, and it can ruin everyone's day. I saw a Cocker Spaniel get picked up and shaken by a large dog. She was ok, but your little Chis could have been killed by that dog.

One of my biggest wishes is that we would have separate areas at our parks for small dogs. Lupi likes meeting the bigger dogs but is too nervous to really let loose and play around them. Whenever we go and there are only little dogs around she has a way better time.
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Barked: Sat Aug 31, '13 5:59am PST 
I don't think your being paranoid. Our dog park has a separate enclosure especially for small dogs. If your's doesn't have that, maybe you can suggest they put one in. Otherwise, going on off hours is your best bet.

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Barked: Sat Aug 31, '13 12:25pm PST 
i have never ever seen an "all sizes" dog park. they've either been size restricted (over or under 20lbs) or else there's at least one section cordoned off for use by small dogs.

one awesome park - can't remember where it was, but it was somewhere in southern ontario - or maybe it was new york? - had a large dog area, a small dog area, then two really small areas that opened on the outside, not into the main park, for working with dog-reactive, disabled, or injured dogs who couldn't be risked with the normal rough-and-tumble play.

Barked: Sat Aug 31, '13 8:58pm PST 
I've never been to a dog park in Texas, but the one in Markham Ontario where I'm from is gross and muddy and has no separate section. I've only been there once, so I haven't really seen or heard about any issues.
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