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Barked: Fri May 17, '13 4:42pm PST 
Hi, My little 11 week old Pom started having very watery stools this AM. I brought her to the vet and also brought a stool sample. They will have the results of the stool sample tomorrow and in the meantime they have given me Proviable, capsules and paste. Has anyone ever used this before???
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Barked: Fri May 17, '13 9:46pm PST 
Sorry I've never heard of it. shrug Maybe you should try posting in the health forum

Barked: Tue May 21, '13 11:26am PST 
Here is some information about it...

http://www.nutramaxlabs.com/index.php/dog/dog-digestive-hea lth/proviable-dc-for-dogs

When my dogs have loose stools I always add pure canned pumpkin to their diet.