Potty training a rescued 3 year old Pom

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We adopted a Pom that had been abused and then abandoned. The rescue center we adopted him from said he had just began using a doggy door. However, we do not have one at this time, and this little guy hardly makes any sound, ever. He is like a Ninja when he goes (completely silent), and will go multiple times a day. When I am able to take him out (he runs from me, so I think it was a male who abused him), he seldom goes. My wife is able to take him out, but he needs to get comfortable with me too. But, he wants to sit in the recliner with me. Totally confused on this one. Can anyone offer any advice?

Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 3:51am PST 
Train him as though he was a new puppy.
Supervise at all times, when you cannot supervise, he should be in a crate.
Take him outside once per hour.

When he "goes" outside, praise him heavily and give treats (or toy whichever he prefers). Use a light happy voice to encourage him.

The key is to not allow for an accident to happen. If/When one does, simply clean it with a good enzymatic cleanser. No punishment. You say he's already got some fear issues, so you wouldn't want to encourage them.

Best of luck!

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It may take a while for him to trust you'all. It took me about 6 months to really feel like I belong to my people. Anyway, you are going to have to treat him like a puppy that hasn't been house trained.

Every time he goes potty outside, throw a party...treat...praise...make it a really good experience. When he is inside take him out frequently, watch him and keep him with you. If you can't watch him, crate him. You want to have as few opportunities as possible for him to practice going potty inside.

He was probably punished for having accidents and learned that when you go potty, you get hit or yelled at and hasn't made the association that it is okay to go outside, but not okay to go in the house. He just learned that when you go around a person, you get into trouble.

If you see him going in the house, rush him outside, be careful not to scare him, and if he finishes outside, praise/party/treat.

Whatever you do, don't scold him or scare him for going inside. Get a good enzyme cleaner for any accident spots. He will catch on if you are kind and consistent.