This is the second time I have been lost.

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Cocoa Loco

Fastest tongue- in the west
Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 3:39am PST 
BOL, When I was about 4 months old, I went out in the yard late at night to pee along with all of the other dogs. My person let the dogs back in and didn't see me.eek

She searched the yard, then went out to look in the pasture, everywhere and couldn't find me. She finally went back in to wake her husband up to help her look for me and found me sound asleep in bed with him.shh I am small and zipped into the house and into bed when she opened the door to let us in, without her seeing me.

Just this weekend, I had been out and my person let me back in. About an hour later she missed me, looked everywhere, checked the yard even though she was sure I had come back in, got a flashlight to look under the beds....woke her husband up looking in the bedroom with a flash light, no little Cocoa.eek

She was just about to go out and check outside the yard, when I decided to wake up and let her know that I was sleeping under the cover of the dog bed in the living room, she had missed me because I was right at the bottom curled into a tight little ball.
Anyone else like to disappear and scare their people?laugh out loud
Beanster, CD, RN, CGC

We don't - doodle!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 5:11am PST 
OMD, I have THREE toy poodles who do that stuff ALL the time!!! One, Annie, can even somehow open the baby gate and get into my bedroom and hide in the bed!!! Beanie follows me everwhere and ends up shut in guest bedrooms, bathroom, etc., and I spend HOURS searching for him to no avail. Ali gets under the pillows so she doesn't even go out, then I am searching everywhere and she is comfortably snoozing away.
Of course, I usually let ten out at the same time so it is easy for the little ones to sneak in without me seeing them.

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 12:52pm PST 
Nick isn't that small and I still "lose" him all the time! He's been shut in the bedroom more than once because he sneaks in to snooze under the bed. He also likes to nap under tables, chairs, and in coat piles. We couldn't lose Paris if we tried. If she's not following us around, she's sleeping- and she snores really loud! laugh out loud

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Cocoa Loco

Fastest tongue- in the west
Barked: Wed Jan 2, '13 8:38pm PST 
I'm glad my person isn't the only one who has been out searching for a lost dog, usually in the middle of the night, while the dog snoozes in bed wondering why said person is wondering around outside in the dark.

I have a real talent for disappearing. I am chocolate brown with no white, at 10 pounds, I am a little guy but not as small as some. Still I can look just like a fold in a blanket or quilt. I snuggle down in and disappear. It helps that we have a lot of comforters folded up that we use for dog beds. Just right to worm down in and disappear.

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Fri Jan 4, '13 12:25am PST 
I have one word.. Bells. They would do you a world of good. I kept bells on my small dogs, and my cat for their safety and my sanity.
Cocoa Loco

Fastest tongue- in the west
Barked: Fri Jan 4, '13 4:39am PST 
My tags jungle and rattle, bells would have helped the night I slipped in the house, but I don't think they would have alerted my person last weekend, I was sleeping and being very still.

I will give it a try.

Member Since
Barked: Sun Jan 6, '13 8:37pm PST 
I could only imagine the fear that embraced your person then, little Cocoa. As a kid, I remember having a Japanese Spitz that always wandered off into the neighborhood. We all thought that she had gone for good. We even checked out the pound to see if she was there. After a whole day of searching, we found out that she had slipped into the neighbor's house and stayed there playing in their pond. There was no one inside the house that morning, so no one really noticed her getting inside.

The- Schnauzinator
Barked: Sun Feb 17, '13 9:02am PST 
I hear ya. My little Zoe likes to take off when we go out at dusk for a final frizby game, and her being black and fast as a warp- drive space ship means she can dissappear on me in the blink of an eye. Thankfully we live in the country on decent acerage, so I don't really worry about her little escapades into the night since she always comes back on her own after a few minutes.

If you want to go a little more high-tech than bells, you could always get one of those GPS collar things that show exactly where your dog is. I plan on getting one for Zoe so I at least know where she goes when she ditches me smile