Small breeds and burning through anesthesia when needing stitches is it normal?

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I am caring for two Boston Terrier Miniature Pincher mixes and their parents for a family friend while he is in jail. Recently the mother dog was spayed and has healed up really well. Thursday night Garnet one of the pups the female got into a fight with we think the cat. She ended up with a deep cut to her front leg right at the elbow. Since it was late when it happened the Vet was closed and with my car down I couldnt take her into the e vet, none of my friends could help because they all have school age children or no car. I flushed the wound out really well and wrapped it up with gauze. I called the vet yesterday morning and they had me find a way to get her in today. She had to have three stitches put in. Her vet who is a little younger than I am told us when we picked her up that he had to give her twice the amount of anesthesia for her size to knock her out for the stitches because she burned through the first dose that he gave her before he could get her leg fully cleaned up. He said most small dogs her size and age are out cold for hours after just one dose of the drug but she was up looking around AFTER TWO!!! He also told me that I did the right thing by cleaning it,putting some antiseptic spray on it and wrapping it with bitter bandage to keep it clean until I could get in to see him. Is it normal for small breeds to go through anesthesia like that? She weighs 9.8 pounds and her body is always really warm like putting your hands in a warm oven.

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