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New rescue puppy- breed guesses?

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Barked: Sun Nov 25, '12 7:05pm PST 
Recently rescued a this lil' cutie from a from a kill-shelter; the shelter volunteer said they were told she is a maltese-yorkie mix..but she doesn't look like any morkie I've ever seen! thinking

She has a wiry, short coat, short muzzle, with pointy standing ears(not floppy).

So, c'mon, gimme your best guesses! puppy

Shutterfly photo link:

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Tue Nov 27, '12 7:58pm PST 
No idea, but you both are adorable.way to go

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 5:53pm PST 
She doesn't look like a Morkie to me either. She kind of reminds me of a Schnoodle, though.


*Runs around*
Barked: Fri Nov 30, '12 8:37pm PST 
I am thinking a schnauzer mixed with something? shrug

we will dance in- the ring without- words
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '12 11:05am PST 
Papillion mix.

Mr. Personality
Barked: Fri Dec 14, '12 7:06am PST 
She is definitely not a Yorktese. Could be part Yorktese, but not full. Yorktese do not have a wire coat. Maybe she could be part Schnoodle? I can definitely see some Miniature Schnauzer in there!
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Fri Dec 14, '12 12:37pm PST 
Nope, I can agree she is not "yorktese" as there is NO SUCH BREED!!!!