What should i do with a dominant westie?

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Always finds- something to- bark about
Barked: Sat Oct 20, '12 1:22pm PST 
Long story short: my westie male is 4 years old,and extremely tolerant.Something made me believe that he isn't purebred,as I have never seen such a tolerant westie in my life.He is great with children,loves cats,and is very laid back generally.

He listens to me and is very submissive,but EVERYTHING changes when a large dog comes along.It doesn't matter if it's male or female,Joy goes bonkers.It's like he's a different dog:the calm and tail wagging buddy turns into a barking,dominant dog.I can tell him whatever i want,it's like i am not there;on the contrary,if i show up to take him away,he becomes more aggresive(not towards me,thank God!).

I know he probably does this to "protect" me,but i have had enough of this sudden change.He has become even more tensed whenever I take him to the dog park:he is nervous,inactive,and obviously grumpy,especially if other dogs want to even interact with him.

What on Earth can I do to stop him from being this way?I miss the old times when we would go in the park and play with every dog nicely and calmly....

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