Sweaters/Clothing for Small Dogs

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Maxie CGC,- TDI

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Barked: Sat Sep 22, '12 4:48pm PST 
My dogs don't get cold easily and like the snow, which living in upstate NY we have a lot of! I do find it useful to put jackets and sweaters on them to prevent all the snowballs that collect in their fur after a romp and lead to terrible mats. They also have problems with the salt on the roads and I use boots to protect their pads. So that's the useful side of it- most of the time the dogs could care less. Now, less practical- I like dressing them and at this point they own more winter coats than I do way to go

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Im just a little- guy
Barked: Sun Sep 23, '12 6:24pm PST 
Milton wears them. He has some sweaters and a couple of coats. I hold off using them until it gets real cold. Right now it's getting chilly. The leaves are yellow and falling off. We have frost some mornings. Still not time for dog clothing. I want him to acclimate before the coats go on.

It gets really cold in the mountains. Milton has a short coat and is a lean dog. A couple a years ago we had temps drop lower than negative 20 and it lasted almost a week. Below 0 temps are very common in the mornings. Milton wears this orange jacket with fleece the most. It's more technical and outdoorsy than some of the fro fro pet coats. During the winter they stay on him all day and he does not try to take them off. He will not tolerate booties.

He does not wear clothing when it's not cold enough for it. It's purely for function.
Buster Brown

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Barked: Sun Sep 30, '12 8:46am PST 
Buster needs an extra layer as the wether turns chilly. His hair on his underside is just so thin. I've been buying him sweaters when they go on sale in the spring. I just buy like 5 and I dont have to worry about him outgrowning them or anything.


I'm the PRINCESS- of the house!
Barked: Sat Oct 27, '12 6:04am PST 
Hey there...you can get affordible clothes at walmart, sales at petsmart, and even make you own stuff if you can sew/crochet or knit. I am getting our Emma a winter coat and a rain coat and some boot and of course i will make her dresses for holidays and her birthdays. (alot of sites reccomend sweaters for short haired breeds to keep them warm theirs nothing wrong with that but stay away from wooly sweathers from "smaller" pet stores their really nuts for price (i saw one for 80.00) lol i wouldnt even pay that for myself lol Happy shopping!!!!

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Barked: Thu Dec 20, '12 11:28pm PST 
My little 7 pound Minpin, likes clothing when it is cold. She doesn't have much fur so she needs it, my Spike (RIP)he hated it when I would ever put anything on him, I thought he was cold but so I would put something on him, he hated it and found creative ways of getting them off. He had more fur though and was a 20lb terrior mix

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Barked: Fri Dec 21, '12 1:19am PST 
For my small dog, I would be the one to knit her own sweater for the winter season. Last winter, I made her a cute little sweater with a snowman printed on the front. I made sure that the sweater wouldn't make her too hot as she may risk getting overheated.

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Barked: Fri Dec 21, '12 12:18pm PST 
If you have mad sewing skills, check out the pattern books at the fabric stores for doggie clothing patterns. That way, you can make them of whatever fabric you like and colour.

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Barked: Fri Dec 21, '12 3:49pm PST 
Baxter Boolittle angel
Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

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Barked: Fri Dec 21, '12 9:02pm PST 
I get most of Pennys (who's a 4 lb hairless and freezes without clothes)clothes from Ebay (check out Cozy Pets). Right now she has on a smashing furry outfit made of a very furry slipper sock, which I bought as a set, from the Dollar Store. TWO outfits for a dollar from that set! I just use the foot opening as a head hole, kinda a turtle neck and cut two tiny holes in the heel for her legs, then cut off the toe! When this outfit gets dirty or worn, I'll break out the other sock. Pennys quite the burrower, too! I leave out warm fuzzy blankets on the couches so that when she's really cold she can burrow, which Chihuahuas' love!! Seriously, check out Ebay, some sellers even will custom make your dogs clothes with just the measurements. For the custom made, I pay about 12$ each, but most are much cheaper. Also, check out Etsy. Penny doesn't mind putting on the clothes but Hates taking them off! Go figure, wierd dog that she is. She has to wear doggy t-shirts in the summer so she doesn't burn her skin. I get those from the Dollar Store in the pet isle. wave
Ch.- Rushwind's- She Who- Speaks

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Barked: Sat Dec 22, '12 4:39pm PST 
I have 2 chihuahuas, Long coat chihuahuas but one is a bitch and blows all her coat when she comes into season and looks like a smooth lol. I have PJs for my whippet but no clothing at all for my chihuahuas. They do their business on the porch and run back inside. We shovel it off into the yard so it's a good system that works for us.

as far as in the house they can be found sleeping on top of the heater grate or snuggled up next to the big dogs.
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