Can boy dogs wear a little bit of Pink?

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bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Thu Aug 30, '12 12:41pm PST 
Everyone thinks Nicky is a girl. I guess it doesn't help that his euro-lead I use on him all the time is purple! I've put bows in his hair, he's worn 'girly' colors. He doesn't mind. All he cares about is the attention he's getting.

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Kashmir- ♥ CGC

Boxer Beach Bum
Barked: Thu Aug 30, '12 12:55pm PST 
I think it looks really good on him. wave
Artemis- Entreri

Master Assassin!
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '12 2:31pm PST 
I don't believe in 'gender specific colors'. Heck if my son wanted to wear pink all the power to him! If you want your dog to wear pink or bows go for it! I'm sure he'll look amazing way to go

Carly- Rosebud- *2001-2012*

Red Headed Pork- Chop
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '12 9:30pm PST 
My Japanese Chin, Huck, is very preppy and has a neon pink leash and a pink and baby blue Hawaiian print collar. Lots of people in my apartment complex and at the flea market question my color choices, but I just tell them real men wear pink and we walk on.

My Carly was a dainty little princess but she rocked a Harley Davidson leash and collarsmile
The Hounds- of- Bassetville- +3

Food? Where?!?
Barked: Tue Sep 4, '12 6:08am PST 
The dogs don't care what color they wear. smile My boy dogs wear "girl" colors all of the time and my girls wear "boy" colors. All they care about is spending time with me, having toys to play with, and getting their dinner on time laugh out loud

As a side note, I have 3 male Guinea Pigs and right now they are on pink fleece with a lime green peace sign... they don't care either. Animals don't really buy in to the gender stereotypes like humans do.

Barked: Wed Sep 5, '12 5:47pm PST 
I do not think it matters to dogs what color you put on them. If you are comfortable having a male dog with pink on them, then who cares.
Buster Brown

One can never- have too much- cuddling.
Barked: Mon Sep 24, '12 1:39pm PST 
I have been known to paint my boy Buster's nails from time to time. He likes any kind of attention he can get. Dogs just want to have fun and be with you. they dont care what color they are doing it in.
Meepster- (Meep Meep)

I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Barked: Sun Sep 30, '12 11:04am PST 
Meepster thinks so

Honestly. He's a dog. It doesn't matter. Even if he was a human, I still don't see why it would matter. All these colors being gender specific is a human invented idea.


ETA: Saw that you got it. happy dance The picture link isn't working, though. frown

As an interesting note, we have another pink dress (not the one in the picture above) that Meepster loves wearing. I guess he likes the fabric? Or maybe just the attention he gets when people laugh at him prancing? Either way, when I pull it out of the dog clothes closet, he runs up to me, shoves his muzzle into it until I put it on him. When he's wearing it, he will prance across the house wagging his tail. So, I'd wager that Meepster doesn't care about wearing pink. laugh out loud

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Hump Hump
Barked: Mon Oct 1, '12 7:06pm PST 
Can boy dogs wear a little bit of Pink?......thinkingthinking

I'm sure there is a way to figure that out with a math formula...thinkingthinking
Lets see...if you take the number of members of Congress that are not crooks,& times that by 3, then subtract the number of times you forgot your cellphone & had to go back home in the years of 2011 & 2012 minus the times you sat on the toilet in 2011 & seen there was no TP....now times that total by 2....
Are you with me so far....confused

Take the number from above and subtract how many times you feed your dog a day & multiply that by the number of times your dog ate your sandals or flip flops this summer, subtract the number of times you locked yourself out of the house in 2010 ,2011 & 2012 ,times that by the number of times you found a turd in the hallway in the morning may it be human or canine in 2012....ok...
Now just add the times , you have said No to your dog in August, times that by
the number of times you said " Did you do That " in September ...thinking
And your answer in theory should be...thinkingthinking

Can boy dogs wear a little bit of Pink = NO..........big laughbig laugh

Hugs & Farts
Real Men Dont were Pink but
a dash of leather is Ok Thor..wave
Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Mon Oct 1, '12 9:07pm PST 
big laugh

Just a dash of leather? Bah. I'd have my dog in a full leather playsuit if I could!
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