*head desk*... No, she is *not* a mini Chihuahua!

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Penny Mouse- Fart Ayala

I eat, therefore- I am.....
Barked: Mon Aug 6, '12 11:24pm PST 
Hi pretty Princesse!!! YES!!! I get this ALL the time, even at the vets office when others come in with thier dogs. Penny is 4 pounds, standard size as standard Chi's are 2 to 6 lbs. AKC doesn't even consider them Chihuahuas if they're bigger...(no clue what they consider them, then!) But, I hear "teacup" so much I almost want flyers to hand out! I've said a million times that she's right at normal for a purebred Chi, but people are so used to seeing huge crosses, or overfed or underexercised small dogs that to see a standard, in shape Chi, they just never see those and are stunned at how small they look! Penny is a deer head and she's not show quality, but I was looking for a great pet and she's sure more than fit that bill! People assume she's a pup and when I tell them she's FOUR years old, they can't believe it...silly people! As long as they don't just run up and try to touch her without permission, I'm happy to inform them she's pretty normal for her breed. She's not a 'teacup', not a 'purse puppy', not an ornament, she's my Dog, my companion, my family member and loved so much, she adores everyone. That's another thing, most expect her to be snippy or snappy and she loves everyone!!! That shocks them too! Some people like to believe stereotypes without getting to know individuals. I love big dogs, small dogs, medium dogs, furry and naked. If I am curious, I ask and I'm fine if people ask. I just wish more would ask and less would just assume...thinking
Princesse- Lily CGN

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Barked: Sun Aug 12, '12 6:56am PST 
applause Penny. I just saw your post now. smile I wish Princesse loved everyone but she doesn't run around attacking random people either wink

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Barked: Tue Aug 21, '12 6:29pm PST 
Peach's parents were 8 (sire) and 9 (dam) pounds, respectively. Her grandparents were 5 and 6 (Grandsire and granddam on sire's side) and 6 and 9 (Granddam and grandsire on dam's side)

Peach is a whopping 12 pounds. She is not overweight. She is "robust", very athletic, and extremely hairy. She's actually not much bigger than her mother in appearance.

I love it when people tell me they had/have a "mini", "toy", or "teacup" Pomeranian, and it was so-and-so size, usually under 5 pounds. May I point to the AKC standard, which states: 3-7 pounds, show specimens suggested to be 4-6 pounds, with an addendum that "Any dog over or under the limits is objectionable; however, overall quality should be favored over size."

Basically, they had beautiful AKC standard animals and hadn't the faintest clue. Somehow, Peach picked up large genes from who-knows-how-far back. She WAS the largest bitch of her litter, of course.

I also get a lot of people who think she is a long-haired Chihuahua or Sheltie or American Eskimo dog. Most people have no idea what breed of animal stands before them.


Use your nose!
Barked: Tue Aug 21, '12 10:25pm PST 
Daisy is about 6.5 lbs (but is just solid, she doesn't look that heavy and isn't overweight, it is weird), AKC from top lines, could easily have finished, etc. No one ever guesses what she is. Most people guess she is a weird looking pom. I think that prevents people from asking if she is a mini-Chi, but people have asked if she is a mini-Pom. What I really don't like is people going out and getting a Chihuahua after meeting Daisy and thinking they will turn out looking and acting like her. I put hours into her training and carefully exposed her to trustworthy children in order to make her adore even the most grabby, overbearing of them. I treated her like a dog from day one, no matter how adorable other people found growling and possessiveness from a one pound ball of fluff. And her tiny, fluffy good looks? Those came with a heavy price tag. You don't get that when you buy from the neighbor down the street that breeds their dog every 6 months.

Now Bambi, I don't have a clue what his lines are. He looks like a deer Chihuahua to me, and is certainly within the size standards. Would I believe you if you told me he might have some Italian Greyhound or *insert long legged breed here*? Sure, why not? shrug

Trust me...I'm a- beagle
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '12 4:26am PST 
According to the general public, all 3 of my dogs are undersized.

Nearly every time I bring Oz out it's "Is that a beagle mixed with a JRT?" or "Look! A pocket beagle!!!"
Nope, just a 13 inch beagle. Perfectly within his standard...

The Cobain is always asked about (albeit it's usually for his colour). But I have gotten quite a few times "Oh he is so small for the breed!"
He's 21 inches tall.
I again point out the AKC standard:
Ranging in size from 18 to 22 inches tall at the shoulder.

And then there's Rigby. When most people look at her she's either a puppy or a "mini GSD" shrug

I don't understand why people can't take the 5 minutes it takes to research, especially when it comes to a breed they are interested in owning. It doesn't take much to figure out how big a dog of whatever breed is supposed to be.
I especially hate the "teacup" "micro" "mini" people who have a dog that is entirely within their standard.
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Wed Aug 22, '12 4:12pm PST 
I hate it!!! I always got it with my labs, especially the females. People would always tell me my female labs were midgets and must not be purebred. Ahhh, they were 21-22 inches, 58-60 lbs and right within the standard and they as well as their parents were all show champions. Now, that 120 lb female lab they are comparing them to is ALL WRONG, and cannot be found in the breed standard!!!
Same thing with my GSD's. My males usually weighed between 70 - 75 lbs. The GSD standard calls for a medium sized dog and 70 to 75 lbs is inching toward the large end. BUT, to John Q Public, my dog MUST be a mini or a mix because it was soooo small. Ahhh, no... again, 120 lbs OR MORE is NOT a correct GSD!
Now I have poodles and have the opposite problem. Toto, at 16 inches, is a mini who is supposed to be over 10 inches and up to 15 inches and is really pushing it. In fact, his cousin Tinman was measured out of two shows at the same size. NO ONE has EVER questioned their size and the fact that they are mini's, EXCEPT the show judges, BOL!! Toto never got called for a measurement because, fortunately, black LOOKS smaller than Tinman's silver color.

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Etsy's Pooch &- Puddy mascot!
Barked: Wed Aug 22, '12 4:44pm PST 
Omg, Daisy's person, I was looking at the little version of her pic, trying to figure out what she was, thinking for sure she was wearing some sort of little Victorian poofy-collared costume get-up. How CUTE is her little curly beard?!

I'm done =3

A Lannister- always paws his- debts.
Barked: Thu Oct 4, '12 11:22pm PST 
Lacy: They may still be purebred poms, just not bred to the breed standard (probably from backyard breeders or pet stores). Poms were originally much much larger so you occasionally get "throwbacks" that are a larger size, and it seems to happen a lot when people aren't breeding for conformation/don't know what they're doing in breeding/not working with established lines.

But yeah, I get the "teacup" question a lot too about my pom. "is he a toy pom? a teacup pom? a mini pom?" And then have to explain that no, this is the breed standard. I don't really mind so much because I see it as an opportunity to educate. What annoys me is when people ask where they can get a teacup pom.
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