Does anyone have a big dog too?

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Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Mon Jun 11, '12 4:54pm PST 
Their are truths to both nature and nurture. Tanuk was from a so-so breeder, Glacier from who knows where, and Talah from an exceptional breeder. From day one we noticed a HUGE difference, and Talah was by far the easiest to train and work with, not just because of her size. If you went the breeder route they should be able to help you match the perfect pup with Kody, if they can't, move on.

If you go the rescue route, I like the idea of fostering until you find the pup who clicks with all of you. I know many people who foster small dogs and utilize baby gates and playpens until everyone is very familiar with one another.

Design Jewelry- not dogs!
Barked: Tue Jun 12, '12 2:44pm PST 
I have 6 dogs under 7 lbs and a 100+ lb German Shepherd. Admittedly, I just got the GSD three weeks ago and he is 12 years old, BUT..they are all playing and running around together and everything is GREAT.
But, my little ones are all raised in daycare since I own a kennel so they are used to being around bigger dogs. The GSD was supposedly dog aggressive as a younger dog but so far I have not had any issues.
Before, I had both labs and toy poodles and didn't have any issues with them, either. The labs quickly learned to lie down so the toys could play with them on a level playing field.

Mali Woo
Barked: Sat May 11, '13 8:16am PST 
I have three Shiloh Shepherd girls all about 100 pounds and a week ago brought home a 2 pound Papillion male pup. All of my girls are in heat or just going out of heat, they are in the process of being retired from breeding and through the next few months will all be spayed. Three are 5 and one is 3 years old.

The dominate girl is protective of the pup when it comes to my cats getting to rough with the puppy, she will bark or growl at the cats to keep their claws to themselves. One girl shows teeth at the pup but she increased the size of the puppy cave in our back yard. She does not know the puppy will never being going out there with them because of hawks.

Another girl thinks he is the best toy we ever brought home and loves to lie down and play with him and the last girl has decided he is her new puppy. When I do take him outside and into the puppy pen she does not leave his side. She noses him away from the fence line because snakes lurk there. While he plays the other dogs head off to the open area and this baby sitter dog as she always did with all of our other pups stays behind and watches this new pup right along with me. He always comes in covered with her slobber. At dinner time he steals from her food bowl, steals her snacks to the point I have to crate him or she will not eat at all.

My little boy squeezes beneath the baby gates, weaves in and out of their legs, licks their muzzles and begs their attention and then wiggles is tiny bottom the the middle of the best dog bed making whoever is there get up.

Penny Lane

I always get my- way!
Barked: Wed Jun 5, '13 9:10am PST 
We just adopted a puppy 2wks ago and I have had a staffie/english bulldog mix for 2yrs. Hades is definitely MY dog he loves my son and my mom but he is all mine. We introduced them slowly because he is definitely an alpha male but honestly he was mostly indifferent to her once he saw that Penny wasn't "replacing" him. They will romp and play and he is very tolerant of her now. They have bonded well they also have a common goal of terrorizing the cats whenever they get a chance. I do have to keep an eye on them when they play because Hades doesn't realize he is big lumbering oaf and I don't want him to step on her and hurt her, that is partially my fault because I still let him sit on my lap. Otherwise we have done well and have had no issues at all.

Life is better- with Sheltie- love.
Barked: Wed Jun 5, '13 8:52pm PST 
When we got Feta, Firefly was the only dog. So during all of Feta's puppyhood, Firefly taught her who was the boss. laugh out loud Feta is my mom's dog even though we live under the same roof, and she's a Lab/Pit/Boxer/Hound mixture. She is six months old and is around thirty five lbs. Firefly weighs 18 lbs, but she definitely doesn't take any bullying from Feta Cheese! They generally do great, I think, with dogs of every size. Firefly has never seemed concerned with size: she makes it a point to highlight the fact she has seniority over Cheese. For both small and large, they get along quite well.

All toys belong- to me
Barked: Thu Jun 6, '13 8:52pm PST 
We do fine. Chewy the leopard dog 80+ pounds will fall over on his side and let me worry on his neck, heck sometimes I stand on him to get a better grip. Fritz is a cat killer and has prey drive. He has to be watched because running will start to set him off once in awhile and he will get too rough. He has never offered to hurt one of the littles but we are never left alone with him. He doesn't obsess, drool, lick his lips or quivver like he does around cats but he does start to get a "shine" to his eyes when we are playing and running around with him and our person doesn't know how far it would go so we are very careful.

Ninja Kisser
Barked: Tue Jun 11, '13 10:03am PST 
I have a 65 pound Husky/Golden Retriever mix and a 15 pound Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix. They get along excellently. They were adopted two months apart(the Boston first) and their first meeting the little one bullied the big one like there was no tomorrow(nothing aggressive, just little actions with clear intentions of proving that this was her house first like shoving past him to go outside/inside first). He went along with it too, but I have a theory that he didn't really know his size having just left a household with a Yorkie, Chihuahua and a cat.

We just recently added a 45 pound Pointer/Lab mix and she seems to even things out. The little one is less bossy now, the big one knows exactly how big he is, and the medium one is clearly just happy to be with other dogs all day.

small but mighty
Barked: Thu Jul 11, '13 6:27pm PST 
We have two siberian huskies and have had a dachshund for about a year now. I don't leave them alone unsupervised due to the size difference but for the most part they are ok together. The little one chases the big ones around. We got her as a puppy, not sure if the transition would have been as smooth if she was an adult.

The Snuggler
Barked: Fri Jul 12, '13 6:11am PST 
I don't have a big dog, but I visit my sister and babysit my niece and they have a Greater Swiss Mountain dog. Roman and him play together very well, except for the fact that Zuko can be pretty mouthy. He's 2 and never really has had experience with little dogs because other people with little dogs keep them away from the big bad dog that looks like a Rottie! laugh out loud

Anyways, we are training him to be gentle with Roman just like he's gentle with my niece. It's somewhat working.... he still likes to put Romans head in his mouth though!!! laugh out loud
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