How to get 3lb Chi to let me know when she has to potty

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I've had Bella now for a month (Yay!) and we love her. She sleeps thru the night (from 10pm until 8am) without going to the bathroom and I usually take her out first thing when I get up.

However, during the day when I'm not home, she may have an accident (very infrequently) where she will pee on the mat near an exit door. Yesterday, she peed on my living room rug. She is not crated anymore, and left out from 8:45am until I come home at lunch, which is 1 or 2pm. She doesn't do this behavior everyday. There are days/weeks she doesn't have an accident. I don't get it. My other Chi can hold his pee for about 5-6hrs (he is 8lbs). Perhaps she just can't hold it until I come home for lunch? But she holds it overnight?

I DO NOT want to use wee-wee pads as I don't want her thinking she can pee in the house. But I don't get why she is having these rare accidents. Any suggestions would be great!

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anyone? shrug

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I would remove the mat near he door where she peed and clean anywhere else your chi peed with urine remover.
Make sure she pees before you leave in the morning too. They can't hold it as long as they do at night because they are active during the day which makes them have to go.


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You might want to go back to crating her while you are away. You've only had her a month? To be in a new home is a big change. Then to have her in her crate and then not - that is a lot of change for her in a month.

Some tiny dogs can't hold their bladder for very long. And she may not have had to in her previous environment. So her body may still be adjusting. Going half the day without a potty break might be too much.

Having her in her crate - she will be resting and so the potty issue won't be as big of a deal. When dogs are playing and moving around - active - it gets their bladder and bowels moving. So she may be fine in her crate, but in a bigger space she needs to potty more often.

That's also why she does well at night - at night she is sleeping and inactive. During the day she is probably playing with your other dog and then needs to potty more often. Maybe she is loading up on too much water while you are gone.

Also - her peeing may be related to something else. Maybe she gets scared by something - a noise? So that is why it isn't always happening.

Some small dogs are insecure in big spaces while their people are away. I'd really suggest going back to the crate for awhile during your work hours. After she is adjusted to that, move her to a small area. Gradually work up to a bigger space. But go slowly.

And some dogs just like to be crated or do best crated while alone.

For letting you know (when you are home) I put a strip of bells on my door and Gus (and Grace is learning) rings the bells when he needs to potty.

Hope that helps.

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I have had my Yorkie- who is just under 4 lbs for about a year now.
I had the hardest time training her. I tried everything!
Honestly? The best way to get this to work, and trust me it works best for smaller dogs.
Crate Training.
I used to think it was mean, and I didn't have the heart to do it, but I soon got really annoying will all the pee stains all over my carpet.
- Find a crate. Make is cozy. You will want a small one. I use a carry-on case.
- My yorkie- believe it or not- loves her crate. she will go in just to sleep.
- When you leave, put her in the crate- lay a blanket over so she cannot see and want to bark at everything. It will help her with any anxiety if she doesn't like it.
- Don't keep her pinned up in it while you are home. Take her out every hour/2hours.
Always reward her when you get back inside with a treat.
- Do not punish her for peeing inside by putting her in the crate. The crate is a " Good place for her"
It will take time...but I promise it works. ! Hope this helps! It worked for me!! I started her crate training two months ago- she whines to go out, EVERYTIME!

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Oh- and btw- once she gets it down- when she knows she can't pee in the house-
she will not have to be put in the crate at all. You will get home, and she will immediately want to go outside.
I have no problems with my dog. Its awesome.

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Thanks for the replies! Of course I would let her go before I leave for work in the am (I think I wrote that in my original post) smile

Right now, she's going out roughly every 4hrs and for the first 2 and 1/2 weeks that we had her, she was crated during the day. Of course, I let her out when I came for lunch and left the crate open if we were home in the evening. She has slept in our bed since day 2 with no issues. She has free run of the house with my other Chi, but he sleeps most of the day and doesn't really 'play'. When I come home from lunch; she is usually lounging in her crate, which she likes to do if I'm not around.

We've had no accidents in the past 2 weeks -- her longest time without going to the bathroom is from about 8:45am to 1pm or 1:30, and she and my other Chi get play time outside for a good 40 mins. Then she is home for 3hrs until I get home at 5 and I let her out after dinner (around 6pm) and then they both go out for a last potty break between 9:30pm and 10. Then she goes all night with no issues.

Thanks again everyone!