:: Should i get a 2nd Frenchy?

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Barked: Mon Feb 13, '12 5:11am PST 

I have a 1.5yr old male frenchy.
He's very active on the weekends ( cause we can take him to the park )
during the week he is at home ( loft ) with wife who works from home.

Ive noticed that during the week he gets very bored and basically sleeps alot to pass the time. during the week he just gets walked 3-4 times (15min each ) each time he gets to run a bit.

We have a great dog walker here who takes small dogs out in 1 group and walks them for 2hrs, but the wife is too overprotective and doesnt want to risk anything to happen to him in the care of a stranger.

So that leaves me to think we should get him a sister (and either spay her or him )

Thoughts? Advice?
Will it be THAT much more work?


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Barked: Mon Feb 13, '12 7:57am PST 
One thing you may want to look at before getting a second is behavior. EVERY bad habit your year and a half year old frenchie may have will transfer to the newbie.

That being said, it's a great age to introduce a second! Many of us have 2, 3, or more dogs!

As for *that* much more work, 2 digs definitely doubles the amount of work in the house. But it triples the love. It's amazing what two dogs can do that one wouldn't.

When I brought home my second, I think the hardest part was learning the new personality. The second dog is not just like the first, he may be totally different. In my case, the second dog was a destructive monster who had no attention span while my first is a quiet house mate who is a total genious. The second was super hard I get used to.

I suggest that you talk with a breeder and see what they think. smile

Good luck!