Anyone else 'Bell the Dog'?

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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Sat Feb 11, '12 4:58pm PST 
Bruno, I use a bear bell for Sanka.laugh out loud It has a "silencer" on it though that I usually keep on. It's a mesh fabric that wraps around the bell that keeps the super loud ringing soft. If I feel Sanka's being good enough to be let off leash in an area where I can completely lose sight of him and not hear to soft jingle well (usually when we're alongside a creek), I'll take the silencer off and just follow the jingling.big grin

Although, even with both dogs having jingling tags at home, I still manage to step on my 2 "big" dogs.

I did find jingling tags useful when I watched a yorki though. That little dude was super fast and full of energy. Definitely would have had a mishap if he didn't have the tags on.

I'm not lazy,- I'm just waiting- to play..
Barked: Sat Feb 11, '12 8:28pm PST 
D'artagnan doesn't where a bell in general, but we live in a small apartment so there aren't many places he can get into trouble (if he is in the bedroom/kitchen for more than a minute or two I know he is up to no good).

When I get around to it though, I am making him a neon orange collar with bells for hiking. He likes to run through the woods and the second he stops he blends in. Bells will be VERY helpful for that.

Guide dogs, the- ones others- emulate
Barked: Sun Feb 12, '12 10:09am PST 
Well, my wifes guide is not a small dog by any means, but she has 3 tags on her collar which always enable my wife to know where she is. Very helpful at times.


I love sitting- in laps
Barked: Sun Feb 12, '12 4:38pm PST 
I have a client whose cat used to wear a bell and all I could think of was how miserable it must be for the cat to have that noise in her ear ALL day long.

Lady's Man
Barked: Sun Feb 12, '12 5:10pm PST 
No bell's on us...but we have a string of bells that hang from the back door for us the ring when we need out. wink
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