How to crate train an adopted dog & how to introduce new dog to established dog

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This is my first post at Dogster!

I currently have a 5yr old Chihuahua named Nacho and I am adopting a 2-3lb female Chihuahua from the humane society this week. I hope to bring her home on Saturday! (she is being spayed today).

My 1st question is; they have no history on her, so I don't know if he is house-trained or not, but when I visited her she LOVED to go outside on the leash; she even begged for it to be put on her. She walked well and went outside in the grass.

How do I get her used to being on my current dog's schedule? Nacho is about 9lbs and can hold his bladder for 4-6 hrs (I work close to home). He has the run of the house and has never had an accident in 5yrs. We take him out about 3-4times a day, including his last bathroom break at 9 or 9:30pm. He then doesn't go until 8am or so the next morning.
Should I crate train her? And if so, how do I do it?!

Secondly; the new dog has met Nacho, and they got along well for about an hour. But an hour is different than being permanently around each other. When I bring her home Saturday, how do I re-introduce them and make sure Nacho isn't jealous?

Any help would be appreciated! Many thanks!

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I found this website and I hope that you find it helpful.

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When you bring her home introduce them on neutral ground before bringing her into his house. I can assure you more enemies than friends are made when you bring a new pet into an established pets space the wrong way. Try to find a friend to help you or do you have a spouse/partner? Have the puppy in an area a short distance away from home. Take your established pet to that place introduce them then let them walk home together. Even though we took Mika with us when we went to pick Kai up from the breeder we took this extra step. Hubby dropped me and Kai off at the playground on the next block,went home parked the car,then leashed Mika and brought her down to where I was waiting with Kai. We allowed them to sniff for a few minutes just as we had before putting them in the car together for the trip home from the breeder. Then we walked them home together and allowed Mika to walk in the door before bringing Kai in. We still had an adjustment period but it wasn't as rocky as it could have been and Mika didn't feel her space was invaded as much. For your dogs being much smaller and your new one having just been spayed just a house or two down or even just the side walk in front of your home might be enough. I can't really help with crate training we didn't use them.