Puppy return?

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I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 7:33am PST 
I've got severe allergies that exacerbate asthma and eczema. I have met and handled many many dogs over the years. I can honestly tell you that meeting/handling the parents of an individual pup before it is born will tell an allergy sufferer nothing consequential...only a maybe or maybe not.

The individual dog has to be evaluated for possible reaction.

OP: you should take this pup back no questions asked. Honor the return policy in the contract. If there is none, I'd default to refunding the full amount. That is if you want to stay in this breed and continue with a stellar reputation. If profit is what motivates you, over having a specific goal and vision in mind of bettering your chosen breed...then you've hit on why breeding isn't a very profitable pursuit, all things considered.
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