chinese crested/miniature daschund mix

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Barked: Wed Oct 26, '11 5:41pm PST 
i was curious to see if this mix of breeds are common or in demand, i guess. Basically, are they of value? If so, how much?

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Barked: Wed Oct 26, '11 5:52pm PST 
All dogs are of valuewink If you are asking how much people would pay for that particular mix, the majority of people on dogster would say nothing. That is because there are way too many mixed breed dogs in shelters needing homes already.

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Barked: Wed Oct 26, '11 6:31pm PST 
Well, I own two Chinese cresteds and both have MAJOR genetic diseases which are very expensive to treat monthly. So far they have both required $1000 surgeries, and one needed another $1500 surgery, and they are still under two years of age.
These dogs came from honest, respected breeders who did ALL genetic testing prior to breeding them, and fortunately for me, gladly refunded my purchase price when these health issues came up.
I am sure there are plenty of dachshund owners on here with genetic problems with their dachshunds as well, things like spine issues, skin problems, etc, that cost way more than the initial purchase price to treat constantly.
I certainly cannot imagine breeding two breeds like this together and the health issues that can arise from doing so. It can be a very expensive, heartbreaking, disaster waiting to happen.
And, I do not know of ANY responsible, respected breeder who would ever knowingly undertake a mixed breeding like this, which means the parents of these pups most likely have NEVER had even the basic genetic testing done prior to the breeding. Most people who breed mixed breeds like this do not have ANY health and/or genetic testing done prior to breeding. They are merely looking to make a quick buck, and when the dog is out the door it is no longer any concern of theirs.
Sooo, what is their value??? No more or no less than any other mixed breed dog, adopted from a rescue or shelter.
I own both purebred show dogs AND rescues. Not one of them has any greater value than the rest. They are all equally valuable in my eyes.

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Barked: Mon Nov 7, '11 2:58pm PST 
Check the shelters and rescues, you will see plenty of Chinese Crested mixes and Dachshund mixes looking for homes. SO basically they are "worth" the same as any other random bred dog-- they are worth everything to a loving owner, but as far as a price to pay to buy them, nothing really (or whatever a shelter charges for adopting.)

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Barked: Mon Nov 7, '11 8:36pm PST 
Honestly, I don't see this mix being particularly attractive or desirable, but maybe that's me. Hairless like a Crested, short-legged like a Dachshund? Weird. People seem willing to pay big money for almost any small-breed mix though, I think it's a disgusting trend- like people don't care which breeds they're crossing, as long as it's small and exotic-sounding.