Celltei Backpack carrier anyone?

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Barked: Sat Oct 1, '11 1:51pm PST 
Hi all,

I'm looking at a Celltei Backpack-o-pet Carrier for traveling with Gus.

I've always carried him through the busy parts of the airport because people don't see him and he gets stepped on or rolled over by luggage.

I've been using a sling to carry him, but I'm wanting something more sturdy and that I can use as a carrier AND a bag.

He flies on my lap (SDiT - flies as ESA), so it isn't an in-cabin carrier - but it does still have to fit as a carry on.

Was wondering if anyone has a Celltei backpack carrier? Any reviews?

I'm thinking of going with the Medium Outdoor style bag. I like the large pocket in the front. Concerned it will be a little snug, but it isn't for sleeping or keeping him confined. He will only be sitting it in to ride through crowds.


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Barked: Sat Oct 1, '11 4:55pm PST 
I don't have one, but I've looked through the site before and always thought they looked great. I thought about getting one as an airline carrier and I talked to them through email, they were very accomodating.

did someone say- 'cheese'??
Barked: Sat Oct 1, '11 6:41pm PST 
Yes, I've been emailing the owner, and she is so nice and patient. I'm trying to figure out the right size of bag for Gus. the Medium would be too snug and the Large would be too big (for both him and myself!) so we are figuring it out.