Update on future new puppy

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Hi all thanks for all the replies.
I will talk with the breeder and see what she tells me about the age of the puppy.

I have actually been researching around since my last post and I think I have decided to try to use a tray to potty train him for inside use , like the ugodog or the little rascal trays. I am actually thinking the ugodog due to I can put two together to make larger and IF need be I could figure out a way to add some kind of siding to contain things if need be.

Anyway any info , advice and or suggestions on litter trays.

I would do a litter box to train him to but I have 5 kitties and I think it would get a little bit to confusing to use a litter box for the dog too.

I am still searching around and looking for ideas and info so appreciate any I can get.

And as far as the weather we get hurricanes here and LOTS of electrical storms and I won't go out in them so I can't expect him to either and I'd rather have a plan for times like this rather than him refusing to go out and then learning to go on my floor cause he can't hold it.

I have been kicking around the idea of having him use the tray or what ever we go with in the garage since that would be indoors out of the weather but still not be considered in the house to him.

Would this be a better solution to indoor training?

Thanks again so very much for all the info you all gave me on my last post I really appreciate it.

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My family members purchased a dog at 8 weeks of age, in the dead of winter. Here in Minnesota, winters can be pretty severe. They decided to litter box train the puppy, since they already had two cats, and it was "impossible" to take him outside with snow on the ground. They planned to phase out the litter box and adjust him to regular outside bathroom trips as he got older.

It went very poorly. To be sure, he learned to use the litter box. But he loved to dig in it, like a dog digs in the background. Litter and other less-fun things were flung every where. He did this multiple times a day, despite training attempts to stop him.

When spring hit, and they wanted him to learn to go outdoors while being walked, it almost didn't work at all. He refused to relieve himself on any surface. In desperation, they took him to sandy, dog-friendly areas. He would not go there, either. This dog is now ten months old, and will only on RARE occasion go potty while on a walk outside.

My family members have tried getting him to drink lots of water right before taking him on a walk. They've tried walking him for long, long walks (several hours outside). He still holds it and waits. On one occasion he held it for over eleven hours, when he was only five months old, because he was away from home and refused to go anywhere besides the litter box.

IF you do decide to go this route, I would advise you to not JUST use a litter box for the puppy. Take him outside regularly, and teach him to go there, too. If you start with a young puppy and teach him that the only place to go is the box, you may have trouble re-training him later.


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I'm going to be a bit frank, as well as a bit long-winded. The only problem isn't the age. Really.

From everything you've said, which is not terribly much, this breeder sounds like someone you really need to stay away from.

First of all, unfortunately, designer breeds rarely come from reputable breeders, as stated before.

Health testing! Vet inspection! This is incredibly important. You need to know the dog you're paying a lot of money for is healthy. Because you're paying for a puppy for a reason, right? This dog will be your responsibility for the next decade +, assuming it is more or less healthy. There are horror stories of people bringing home seemingly healthy pups from BYBs and they end up dying within a month.

The age is not only illegal, but incredibly detrimental to the dog. Not to mention all the other dogs they're sending off. This is a HUGE red flag they don't care about the dogs, or they're incredibly ignorant. Both are bad. If they don't care about the health and well-being of the dog, that's horrible. I don't think I should have to say why. If they're ignorant, that's just as bad. They have no business breeding dogs in that case. They can do a lot of damage, and won't be raising your puppy into a well-adjusted adult. This could result in a myriad of problems. You could get a fearful dog. That in itself can manifest in many ways. Chances are if they leave that early they will not know what to do with other dogs well enough not to get in fights. It's a huge pit of 'uh-oh'.

You need to look at mom and dad. You said mom pees on the floor. This could mean a few things. She could be poorly trained. That means that they probably won't do much in the way of your dog. Also, it could mean a health condition. Maybe from having so many puppies? This could be a sick mom. If you look at some of the newer stuff in epigenetics, then you'll see how unhealthy mom when she's pregnant can affect the dogs in many generations to come.

Please, PLEASE don't buy this puppy. You're just lining the pockets of these people who probably don't even care about their dogs, or our population of dogs in general. Unfortunately, many people use their fluffy pretty dogs as cash cows. Not to get on too much of a crusade about the homeless dogs and whatnot, but it's true. When people buy these sickly, ill-cared for puppies from mills or BYBs they're just saying 'make more dogs! The money keeps coming!" while many other dogs are put down in shelters upon admission due to space. Some of these dogs very well could end up there. A responsible breeder will always have homes lined up and waiting, and are certainly not doing it for the money. (Listen to Toto, Toto is very knowledgeable in this sort of field.) They will check, and recheck potential homes for he unborn pups. They also will ALWAYS take the dog back, for any reason, no matter how long it's been. BYBs often don't do these thigns and your puppy's brothers and sisters could end up back in the shelters because "He has breathing problems" "She bites children" and so on.

Please, PLEASE educate yourself on this subject. A lot of dogs will thank you. I'm not trying to be holier than thou, I'm not trying to be elitist. I honestly love animals and want to do everything we can for them, not worsen the situation.

I beseech you!