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The One Eyed- Bandit
Barked: Tue Sep 20, '11 10:10pm PST 
Brayden was puppy pad trained when I adopted him. But, I was able to house train him within a day of bringing him home. Every single time he sniffed, I put him outside. If he went on the floor, I would put the mess outside. The puppy pads were just too expensive to continue with.

Cooper- Peace_Love_&Bell- y Rubs!!!
Barked: Tue Sep 20, '11 11:31pm PST 
Cooper is litter box trained. Honest litter box. He uses Yesterday's news. It took about two weeks or so it get it right. He has no problems with it. Trained 3 months now. Praise works wonders. I'm concerned about the breeder also. Even if you know her personally that's early for a pup!! If you had a gut check feeling you should listen to it or see if you can take pup to your vet first. Then see if she backs away with excuses. If something wrong with pup best to find out now. Small heartbreak now or big heartbreak later. Not to be Debbie Downer...
Maxie CGC,- TDI

Social Butterfly
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 7:04am PST 
I also have to agree with those that are voicing concerns about the breeder- 7 weeks is way too young. Ask lots of questions of this breeder- but falling in love with a puppy is hard to back out on...just make sure you are going in with your eyes wide open and know you may have to compensate for what the breeder didn't do.

On the plus side- this mix of Shihtzu -poodle is a wonderful mix. I have two of them - or at least I think I have two of them, my second one, Lily, was a rescue and she is definitely poodle, but the rest could be shih tzu- but also be Maltese I've been told, with the color coming from a parti- color poodle. No matter, either way, we love her.

Maxie is a shihtzu/poodle. Certainly from a backyard breeder, but a conscientious one. I got him at 10 weeks, and he was already trained to piddle pads. As I wanted to train him to totally go outside, we phased out the piddle pads by placing a soiled one outside so he got the idea that outside is the place. Really think about whether you want this dog to piddle inside for the rest of it's life.

I wouldn't be concerned about the weather, especially in Fla and I agree with the post about toy poodles- my guys will go out in any weather- and Max loves the snow! We haven't had Lily through a winter yet. Max does not like to swim- but Lily favors the poodle side and loves it and will jump in any water. So it depends what side they take their traits from. I would caution you to be more careful with hot weather- depending on how pushed in your pup's face is. Max has problems with hot, muggy weather and we often have to cut our walks short on hot days, but going outside to piddle is not an issue. Lily's face is not as pushed in and she tolerates the heat better.

Maxie house trained real easy- within 3 weeks we were 90% of the way there. Lily was and adult when we got her and all I had to do was reinforce the housebreaking. But I do have to agree with the post about them being close to the ground.. you really have to watch when they're puppies! You've gotten some great advice so I won't repeat it but I will add that my experience has been that these little guys are super easy to train in general. Both of mine have enormously sweet personalities too and a high energy level. I am in the process of making Max a therapy dog. We've only had Lily a couple months so she has a little further to go- but she is moving along nicely and I have been talking with a trainer about getting her involved in agility, as she is very athletic little dog. I would suggest that you get your pup in a puppy training class as soon as you can, both for socialization and training.They will also provide pointers in the class for common issues like housebreaking.

Good luck! Do you have a pic of the puppy- would love to see!


Lady's Man
Barked: Wed Sep 21, '11 1:56pm PST 
Ditto....7 weeks is way too young to be sent home with anyone! Please do some research into k-9 growth and development. Pups go through very important developmental stages and 8 to 12 weeks with their mom and litter mates is crucial.

Don't mean to crush your dreams...but...you asked.hug
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