Can someone please tell me....

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Life has 2- options-- Chase it or eat- it.
Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 12:30pm PST 
...how a seven pound dog can manage to push you to the edge of the bed by morning? thinking

Every night, it never fails. I wake up in the morning and somehow I end up practically hanging off the bed while Khloe is sleeping soundly in the middle! Even though when we went to bed, I was in the middle and she was lying up against the wall!

I never have this problem with Daegan! He either sleeps on top of my legs or HE'LL sleep on the edge of the bed to keep his mommy from falling off. smile

Anyone else have small dog bed hogs?

As long as they- think they're- the boss
Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 12:52pm PST 
I don't have one I live with but I pupsat my sisters puggle and he used a combination of toxic smelling gas and very loud chainsaw like snoring to not only have me hanging off the edge of the bed with a pillow over my face but managed to chase both of my Akitas from the bottom of the bed as well,so I understand.

Always hug your- puppy...
Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 1:34pm PST 
Klohe! Well...in my house I own the bed and let my pawrents use it laugh out loudlaugh out loud So of course, they nearly falling off! AND...I also get the Best part of the bed!

big grin

I have them very well trained...yupper! I sure do!

Jovi, NPC,- CEGE

Momma's boy and- proud of it!!!
Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 4:31pm PST 
I am like River. My mom has to try to get comfortable around me laugh out loudlaugh out loud

Life has 2- options-- Chase it or eat- it.
Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 6:35pm PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Small pups are so easily spoiled. smile

I'm not lazy,- I'm just waiting- to play..
Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 6:47pm PST 
Dar doesn't sleep on the bed but man can he take over a couch! Like the whole thing, by himself. Although since I usually fall asleep on the couch, being pushed to the edge or into contorted positions is usually my wake up call to move to bed. smile
☮ Oakley- ☮

Leaves = My- bestfriend!!
Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 8:09pm PST 
Oakley hijacks one of my pillows and sleeps there the whole night BUT sadie her tactic is to lay against my
Back at night then slowly inch against me so in the morning my face is usually smooched up agains the shelves next to me and my body barely kn the bed laugh out loud and i have a queen bed to myself or i use to.... ya I really get my beauty sleep with these two princesses.

Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 9:36pm PST 
I have a king size bed and a 9 lb dog. He just slowly inches towards me, I get too hot, I move over, and he takes over my space. This continues till I have no room and it seems like he's stretched out on the whole bed. frown

Still even more- to learn.
Barked: Mon Sep 12, '11 9:49pm PST 
California King and 2 Akita's one 70lbs. the other over 100lbs.
Any ideas about where I can buy a bigger bed? Mine are not little so sorry for being off topic but I do share your problem and you all have my sympathies.

Mika&Kai's Mom

Giant Shih Tzu
Barked: Tue Sep 13, '11 2:13pm PST 
Gunther sleeps in his crate. He prefers it!! laugh out loud
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