When to stop on walks. On the long side.

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Can I chase it?!
Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 10:46am PST 
Hello everyone!
As some of you may know, I picked up a stray chihuahua (Lil Bit)about a week and a half ago and it's seeming increasingly unlikely that I will find her previous owners so I consider her part of the family now. I am totally new to small dog ownership so I need some help.
I have two larger dogs (50lb shepherd mix and 25lb cocker spaniel) We also just moved to a small apartment. There is a yard I share with other tenants on the lot but I am afraid the dogs will destroy something if I lose sight of them for even a second so I don't use it very often. Instead I try to take them on lots of walks. Our morning and evening walks (before and after work)are about 30 minutes and I try to take them out for a third walk before bed which lasts about 15-20 minutes. These walks are just enough to keep the larger dogs from going bonkers, but a leisurely pace for us is a fast jog for Lil Bit. I've heard that chihuahuas need to be walked about 30 mins a day, and we do at least double that and I'm worried that it might be too much for her. At the same time, I don't want to be one of those small dog owners who babies their dogs to death. I try to watch for signs that she needs to stop and I use a retractable leash so she can go a little faster or slower than us if she wants, and she never sits or lays down when we stop to sniff something. She's an old girl though and it just seems like a lot.
I'm sure I sound like a nut case for being so freaked out over this but I really want her to be healthy and happy. Any help you guys can offer would be great!

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Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 3:09pm PST 
Hmmm...I don't think that's too long. Since it is split up it probably isn't to bad for her. Being older though it will definitely get tougher for her. Does she sleep right away when you get home? Or go and rest? I dont have an older dog so I'm not sure if thats the norm anyway, but I usually can tell how tired Dar is by whether he chases the cat or sniffs her and jumps on the couch and adjust the rest of the day from there. I don't remember the age you had said, but.little dogs reach senior status later than bigger dogs so she still could be more of an adult than senior.

Can I chase it?!
Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 3:31pm PST 
Hmm, I'll have to pay more attention the next time we get in from a walk. She's usually laying down somewhere close to me, but she doesn't generally fall to sleep after a walk from what I've noticed. I've gotta take her back to the vet to have them give me an age estimate but I think she's about 8-10 from the look of her teeth.

Princesse- Lily CGN

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Barked: Mon Aug 22, '11 3:59pm PST 
My walks with Princesse usually last about 45 minutes. I suspect that she could keep going with no problem. I do walk a bit slow, due to knee issues, but I think she could go quite a bit faster. She is only 3 but as the previous poster mentioned, small dogs age slower. I suspect that Lil Bit can keep up with your other dogs, after a bit of conditioning and the OK from the vetsmile

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Fri Sep 2, '11 6:31pm PST 
My chihuahuas live for our 5 mile walk around the lake. I have seen a guy in our neighborhood with two incredibly muscled chihuahuas that he jogs with daily. Chihuahuas are a balanced dog, with legs that are an appropriate size for their body, and a very efficient gait with a long stride. They're more than capable of going the extra mile with your bigger dogs. Walks are bread and butter to them. They can walk all day as long as you are game.

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Barked: Sat Sep 3, '11 9:09am PST 
Don't know about chis or your particular dog. Macy's quite a bit larger than a chi, but it we walk in really warm weather she definitely lets me know when she's had enough. She usually walks off leash and when we get to the end of the trail near the parking lot she'll either sit down or head for the truck. She's about 8 years old.

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Barked: Sat Sep 3, '11 10:59pm PST 
8-10 years isn't very old for a small dog. She may live to 16 years or so. Walking will keep her golden years health ones.

Candy was not tiny, but for a larger dog, she was active, running and walking many miles with me, almost to 10 years old, and up to the time of her sudden illness and death. I think dogs can be very active all their lives.

Let her tell you when she's had enough. then you can consider a backpack to carry her or leave her home.

BTW. I think she couldn't be in better hands, glad you are keeping her. We are "accidental" parents of 3 dogs as
well. I also walk all 3 of mine together. I had to stop running after Candy died as Snickers is losing his sight, so he doesn't feel confident running, and Pepper has knee problems so she should not run.
Pooch ~ I- miss you ~

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Barked: Fri Sep 16, '11 1:54pm PST 
If she can keep up, is not getting tired out and stopping or acting sore after the walk I would keep it up.
I had a foster Shih Tzu who was all of 9 pounds and he had no problem keeping up with the other dogs on our walks, which were usually between 1.5 and 3 miles long and at a fast pace. The only time he ever had trouble was in the winter if the snow was really deep, he would sometimes struggle to get through/over the snow and in that case I would usually pick him up breifly.
However he was a young dog, so the thing I would watch out for is any stiffness or soreness after walks which could indicate age-related issues.

Barked: Fri Sep 16, '11 5:04pm PST 
My Chihuahua can walk for a long time...we even go on 1 mile jogs and she loves it. She lets me know when she is tired, she will really slow down. I have 3 other dogs with us, so I pick her up and carry her or I put her in the bottom of the stroller. I always have her bed in the bottom of the stroller just in case she decides to poop out on me!
Chi Chi

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Barked: Fri Oct 14, '11 11:59am PST 
I have Chihuahua mixes, so, I may not be the best person to ask. But I'm going to say this, anyway. Some smaller dogs can't go for as long a walk as other dogs can. Just watch for the signs. Chi Chi can only last about thirty minutes at a time (she gets two walks a day, though). She gets exhausted much quicker than our other dogs - regardless of whether or not she's pulling. The first time I realized this, I noticed that she was panting hard and walking slower. I picked her up and continued with the walk (I had Sandy and wasn't close to being home yet). Just watch the little girl for signs that she's tiring. If she's panting hard, seems to be slowing down a lot, or showing any similar signs - just pick her up. Don't worry about babying her when you do it, just cut back on the length of her walks in the future. Sometimes even now I have to pick Chi Chi up and carry her the rest of the way. She still knows how to use her feet, so I definitely wouldn't say she's babied! I'd rather a few strangers thing my dog is spoiled than have my dog fall down from being too tired.
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