y 1 year old Chihuahua has started crying at night. PLEASE HELP

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Barked: Mon Aug 15, '11 1:11am PST 
It started a week ago when my mum and younger brothers went on holiday. She is crated at night and always has been, it has got so bad the only way to settle her is to have her in bed she is not content with being in the crate in my room. She has recently started to wear a cone collor as she has a scab on her ear she keeps scratchng.

PLease help and I am greatful for your ideas.

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Mon Aug 15, '11 3:59am PST 
Does she cry when in bed with you or just if she is in the crate? If it is only the crate, it is because she prefers to sleep with you and is letting you know. Your two choices are to let her sleep with you or don't and ignore her wining.

If she cries both in the crate and bed; go see your vet.

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Barked: Mon Aug 15, '11 5:51am PST 
She is probably unsettled by the change in routine.If sleeping with you stops the crying and doesn't disturb you I see no harm in it. I agree with Fritz,if she is in bed with you and still crying,see the vet.


Pocket Wolf
Barked: Fri Aug 19, '11 4:10pm PST 
cone collars are a bit of trouble if your crate is small. You need to see if she can still stand up, turn around, and lie down without the cone being obstructed or forced onto her neck. It would be really uncomfortable to have to try to sleep in a restrictive collar all on it's own, but to do it in a den space as small as chi crates are might be too uncomfortable for her!