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What Did You- do?!!
Barked: Tue Aug 9, '11 10:05pm PST 
This question is for Pom owners who do not shave down their dogs in the summer. Any research I do re; Pom coats says never to shave so I just keep Axel neat all year round. He doesn't stay outside when its very hot out but overall I think he's usually hot. I'm constantly questioned by many people telling me I should shave him or cut his hair down because "its too hot for him" or "he would be much more comfortable"
What do you guys think, say to someone like that?
I feel like the general population of owners who own dogs with long hair are lazy and don't keep up with their coats so they shave them, or keep them very short.

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Tue Aug 9, '11 11:39pm PST 
Foxxy's a long double coat chihuahua, and people are constantly thinking she's a pomeranian. I did shave her down this year. If you shave with the grain, it doesn't have as much trouble coming back in just as good as it was before. I gave her a lion cut, left the hair on her neck and front legs and shaved her from the shoulders back. It's currently growing back so she'll have a full coat again by winter, but this summer has been very hot. She really was suffering, and it did provide some relief. I know there is a theory out there that dogs need their coat to regulate heat and that if you cut it off, they actually hav emore trouble, but that's not true of foxxy, at least. Foxxy doesn't like to be shaved, but she seems to appreciate it once it's all done. I haven't noticed any change in the quality of the hair, she hasn't picked up dandruff, and it's all coming in the same color.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Aug 10, '11 7:19am PST 
Jewel's a poodle/shih-tzu cross and she's in a bikini cut right and still gets hot super fast on warmer days. I don't think cutting off her hair helped much at all, plus she's black. shrug


I am just- toooooo cute !!!
Barked: Wed Aug 10, '11 8:35am PST 
Squeeky is pure black and is so hot and pants all the time. I get her shaved all the time in the summer, she gets a puppy shave and she just loves it. I do not shave her in the winter, entirely too cold for her and her hair comes back in perfectly fine. She is going to the groomers on Tuesday and she will love being nice and cool.

What Did You- do?!!
Barked: Wed Aug 10, '11 9:49am PST 
My question is more for people who do not wish to shave their dogs and how they deal with others negative comments. Poodles, Shih Tzu's are breeds that are meant to be shaved, trimmed and the hair will grow back normal. Axel has a beautiful coat and I really work hard to keep it to standard(see pictures). Because its summer and has been so hot I'm being questioned more then ever.

Savvy Savverson
Barked: Wed Aug 10, '11 1:43pm PST 
Okay. In my personal experience as a groomer. shaving the dog DOES make it cooler. I've never really grasped the concept of having more hair keeps the dog cooler either.

Ive seen way too many dogs just generally happy and have that extra spunk in the summer after getting shaved. Like a burden has been lifted.

That being said. I would never shave my own undercoated dog. Sure, shaving a few times while young, wont hurt a healthy dog. (Well don't quote me on this, because there are some who after one shave just wont grow their hair back at all, and it does change the color often) But as they get older, or if any health problem arises their coat goes BAD. And never grows past a frazzled sparse short look.

I would keep my dog out of the heat, or find other ways of keeping them cool, rather than shaving.

I would just tell them you don't want to ruin their coat, and you would rather find other ways of keeping them cool rather than ruining natural beauty. Its not like you are going to let your dog get heat stroke.

I like to pour water on my dogs when they are hot and outside in the sun. Then they like to run around like crazy.

Also make sure to keep the extra coat brushed out in the summer. Excess hair heats them up pretty fast. Deshedding a dog makes it much cooler.

Tell them to mind their own business. It's a natural coat.
hamster dance

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Is today agility- day??
Barked: Wed Aug 10, '11 3:47pm PST 
I keep my dogs in their natural coat year round. The undercoat keeps them protected from the heat in the summer just as much as it protects them from the cold in winter. Dogs don't sweat through their skin like people do so there's no cooling benefit to having exposed skin. Plus, I would never want to take the chance of ruining their coats anyway. I keep them brushed out to remove the loose hairs to provide better circulation within their coats. We simply stay indoors when it's too hot outside. Regardless of how much fur you have or don't have, it's been too hot this summer.

Fritz, cats are- fun when they- run
Barked: Wed Aug 10, '11 4:23pm PST 
Hey, I think we may be distantly related. Anyway I have a full Husky coat and I am doing fine in Southern Alabama.

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Wed Aug 10, '11 7:46pm PST 
I would just say shaving isn't the only way to keep a dog cool. Besides, it's not like they have to live out in the heat or anything. They go out to potty, and maybe a short quick walk and back in to the air conditioning on the really bad days. As Bailey mentioned, I personally think the best thing you could do to help keep them cool is to groom often and keep them mat free.
The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Fri Aug 12, '11 9:07pm PST 
I agree with Bailey and Nicki. You should not shave a poms coat as the undercoat will grow back in before the guard hairs and result in a damaged more easily matted and rougher coat.
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