Why does she keep crying...

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Barked: Sat May 7, '11 8:21am PST 
Hi everyone,

I have recently re homed Maud a lovely little dog. she is 10 and I have had her since September. I have an older dog Bertie who is a 17 year old Jack who just about tolerates her, he is quite good really considering he is my baby!!

But Maud keep winning all the time, and it is a little irritating and the only time she will stop (unless she asleep) is when I pick her up. Of course, I don't mind giving her a lovely cuddle but I have to be mindful of Bertie and always he gets the goodies first..

What do I do? Ignore her, tell her off? I think she must have been babied in her previous home...I think she would be happy in a baby sling stuck around my neck all day but that's just not convenient.

She is such a lovely little thing and I hate to hear her cry. She does go to her bed when I tell her too, but if I raise my voice Bertie gets clingly and disturbed.


Many thanks.

Lynn, Bert and Winning Maud x
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Sat May 7, '11 11:56am PST 
I am assuming you met whining, not winning?
She continues to do it because, IT WORKS!!! Surprise, when she whines, you pick her up.
Two things can help. One is to only offer cuddles and holding WHEN she is quiet. If she is whining, ignore and do something else, maybe even leave the room, but do not give in and pick her up and cuddle.
And, distract her from whining by offering a favorite toy or a walk or something that she has to do without whining.
I consider the ignoring her whines most important... that will show her that it doesn't gain anything, in fact, IF you leave the room, the opposite effect will happen.
Interrupting the whining will lessen its occurance over time. If she is kept busy she won't have time to whine.
Good luck!

Barked: Sat May 7, '11 11:58pm PST 

thank you so much for your reply. Yes I did mean whinning, not winning.

I will put your advice into practice but as a good doggie mummy, I love a cuddle too and I hate to hear her cry. But for the sake on mine and Berties sanity, I will follow your lead.

Thank you so much, Bert and I appreciate it x

Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Sun May 8, '11 4:46am PST 
By ALL means, continue to cuddle and snuggle with her. Just start it when she is NOT whining for attention. For example, if she is quietly chewing on a toy call her to you and cuddle and snuggle away.
We are currently dealing with an adopted St. Bernard in our daycare who has terrible separation anxiety. He is sooo bad he will scale a 6 foot fence to get out front to be with us.
When we want to take him out for some one on one we always make sure to NEVER go to him when he is whining and barking. What we do is someone goes into the kennel and walks by him and does something in the far corner of the kennel, he watches them and while he is watching another person goes to him and makes a big deal of asking him if he wants to go out and then takes him out. In his mind, he is NOT being rewarded for whining since he wasn't whining when he was let out.
I also think you will find that Bertie will become more secure as more time goes by. Often, especially with older dogs, it can take up to 6 or 8 months for them to become really comfortable and relaxed.
Good luck with her, it was wonderful that you took her. Older dogs are very difficult to find great homes for!!!
I edited this since I was wondering if it's possible that you hold and/or snuggle with both dogs at the same time? I have toy dogs and I sit on the couch with one (or two) on each side of me, and use both arms to pat away. They LOVE it and it relaxes me as well!!!

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