Indoor Potties?

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Barked: Thu Oct 6, '11 1:44am PST 
My little girl has always used pads and we found that if you go to the adult diaper section at Walmart and buy the bed pads, it is tons cheaper!

I have also found that at least with Yorkies, that if they are conditioned to pads then it is sometimes hard for them to distinguish between pads and say throw rugs. So my new plan is to start training her on real grass but in the house. It is cold already here and she really won't go outside especially in the rain.

What I have done is to buy a pan similar to the ones that go under appliances. I found a place where I can buy real sod even through the winter for about $2.00 a square meter. I'll keep two to rotate, rinse in between and then switch for new ones when those start to die or smell. I will start by putting pads in the pan so gets used to the pan and then replace it with grass.

Wish us luck! wink

Barked: Thu Oct 6, '11 12:49pm PST 
Rosie please keep us updated on how it goes with using sod. A real interesting idea.
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