Indoor Potties?

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I wag my butt!
Barked: Tue May 3, '11 4:45pm PST 
For the next month I'm going to be working farther from home. As I'm tossing around ideas of how I'm going to handle this since my dogs are used to me being able to come home for lunch, I'm wondering if anyone has had good experiences with one of the indoor dog potties, and if so which brand worked well for you? My dogs shred potty pads as soon as they hit the floor, so those aren't an option for me.

I hate sweaters
Barked: Tue May 3, '11 7:02pm PST 
I bought Remy a Puphead last winter. He LOVES it. He loves it so much, that he doesn't see why he should ever go potty outside again. Since I bought it for emergency use when we had really bad winter weather, I'm not particularly thrilled about this development, but I'm working further from home these days so I'm accepting it for now.

My only issue with it really is that the grass gets nasty and cleaning it is a pain. Potty pads were much easier to clean. The good news is that since there are a bunch of similar types available the prices have come down. I need to buy some extra grass.

If you do get the Puphead, I recommend dumping the grate-thingy and just put a large disposable potty pad down first and then put reusable potty pad on top of that.

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Cocoa Loco

Fastest tongue- in the west
Barked: Tue May 3, '11 8:17pm PST 
We use a dog potty box, it looks like a cat litter box with a low side. It has a potty pad in it and works fine. However, I had to work at learning to use it, learning that it is only okay to pee in the box and not on the carpet.

They make a litter for the box especially for dogs, it is good sized pellets of rolled paper. This didn't work for us because Tipper and I wanted to chew the pellets. Tipper swallowed a bunch of them and vomited up a nasty paste of dog litter pellets all over our person's bed. eek

BOL, at least we know that they wont' cause an obstruction in the tummy, they had melted into a thick nasty paste in Tipper's tummy.


Pocket Wolf
Barked: Sun May 22, '11 11:03pm PST 
we have a pet station, but the dogs still avoid it like the plague. They're trained to use the paper mats, and they don't like the feel of the astroturf. I had hoped that ehy would take to it so I would not have to keep getting puppy pads, but they are being really stubborn about it
Amazing- Grace

Princess of the- Ponderosa
Barked: Sat Jun 4, '11 12:41pm PST 
The puppy pads are a life saver with some of the wicked weather way up north. Mazy is very faithful with them. Nice weather she rings a brass bell and goes outside. If I'm busy or distracted...she runs to potty pad held in the frame made for them and does her business. We ordered on of those turf potties and she was not interested.... Sure didn't look like less work to us... but more cleanup.

We don't like her to hold it many hours as they nicked her bladder when she was spayed. This caused us a little problem which healed in time. Other furs would quit eating and drinking when weather was bad and refuse to do their business at all...This was very hard on them at the end of their elderly lives. Why we trained to potty pads and then outdoors....
Isabella Shadow

Barked: Sat Jun 4, '11 1:53pm PST 
If your pups are used to going outside, maybe investing in a doggy-door would be a wiser solution.
I use puppy pads so I usually hold everything until I get home which my humom believes can be hazardess to my health. cry
If it's really a long time, say 6hrs, then I'll go outside if I have to but I get so embarressed that I hide under my humom's chair for awhile. big laugh
The 'doggy grass' potty looks like it could be more messy than peepads to me. Who wants to pick up runny messes, when they happen, from something like that?
Good luck with whatever you choose!
Bingley,- Emmett &- Martika

Little Ewoks
Barked: Sat Jun 4, '11 2:58pm PST 
Perhaps some of those boxes with grass inside?
http://www.gwlittle.com/product/Pup-Head-indoor-dog-potty-2 0x20-mini/dog_potty_training

My boys liked to shred potty pads when they were younger, but with some Bitter Apple and training, they stopped while pretty young.
Sachi- (1997-2012)

Dirt is a girls- best friend!
Barked: Sat Jun 4, '11 7:30pm PST 
I discovered the Potty Park on this woman's site. She explains how to make the best of it by getting two grass mats and alternating them. As well as, other tips on effective usage. The grass mats can be cleaned in a washing machine. shock It sounds really great. If only Sachi would use one...

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its ouija- monster!
Barked: Wed Jun 15, '11 10:21pm PST 
have you tried different brands of pads? When Ouija was younger I found he only would use the natures miracle brand pad and shred the rest. Then at 4 years old he decided he didnt care what pad it was

a playful- worrier (really- he worries!)
Barked: Wed Jun 15, '11 11:53pm PST 
I *hate* the potty grass thing, but my boyfriends mom gave use two patches for his chi rescue we just got. tegan, my dog, won't use it unless he's really desperate, thankfully. I think it's gross to have them going inside ANYWHERE, but it beats them pooing/peeing on the carpet.
Our little foster dog we just got tonight used it immediately, so that was nice.... I guess they are good for certain things. I just was disgusted when my boyfriends mom was saying I should get a big one for my senior great dane before she passed. I'm sorry, but a dog that size shouldn't go potty inside. ever.
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