Fun Times for Birthdays/Woofdays!

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The Wonder- Pooch!
Barked: Sun May 1, '11 6:27pm PST 
So what is the best thing you have ever done for your pooch for his/her Birthday? Snicker's will be ONE soon and the kids and I can't wait to celebrate! Just thought this might be fun from extra belly rubs to...the moon is the limit, let us know what you have done!

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Have cats -- Will Chase!
Barked: Mon May 2, '11 7:53am PST 
WEll.... I had a Aussie once & his b'day and my husband's (at the time) was the same day. So I made them a cake. *Unfortunately* I put Rocky's name first on the cake. laugh out loud I don't think Tom ever forgave me......
❤ Sadie- ❤

Miss Sadie the- Trouble Maker
Barked: Mon May 2, '11 3:18pm PST 
Sadie and Oakley just recently turned one in january smile

they got a few new toys and a stake out for when us people are in the front yard and they are stuck behind the garage door (not anymore though laugh out loud

They also got a nice meal, wet and dry food mixed, an extra delicous topping

♥Chlo- e- Chanel&heart- s;

Miss Chloe- Ba-by!
Barked: Mon May 2, '11 5:35pm PST 
Last year when Chloe turned one, I went to the doggie bakery and got her a bone shaped cookie with her name on it. She got a pretty, pink party dress and lots of toys. She wore a party hat and me, my boys and my mom all sang happy birthday to her. She will be two in a few weeks and we will probably do the same thing only this year she has a baby brother and sister to help her celebrate so they will probably get a small treat from the doggy bakery too.

The devil made- me do it!
Barked: Mon May 2, '11 6:06pm PST 
Last summer I had a real pawty for my birthday. I invited 9 friends to my backyard. We had doggie ice cream and cake. We played follow the leader. The humans had to try and get as many of us to follow one of them as they could. The human who got the most pups following won the game. My human used liver cakes and got 8 out of 9 following her and won the game. Then we played obstacle course. Whoever could get through the tunnel, over 2 jumps, and up a ramp the fastest, won the game. I'm embarassed to say that I just got way too excited and ran around like a crazy fool! My sister was disqualified because she is a real agility dog and that isn't fair. Then the humans all relaxed while we played together. This year I want a swimming pool and a drink bar at my pawty!

The Wonder- Pooch!
Barked: Mon May 2, '11 7:15pm PST 
Oh my these are great! Follow the leader and liver treats, lol! Sounds like fun. Snickers has a few friends maybe a down sized version would be fun! The personalized doggie treat, got to do that for sure (no pink dress he is a dude!LOL)!!!A extra nice meal would make him feel happy. I know my kids would totally dig it, they think this pooch hung the moon! Thanks and keep the stories coming...this is a blast! Funny about the husband and the dog names...sounds like something I would do. My hubby actually remarked that I tell the dog how much I love him more than I do him lately, lmbo....party

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Barked: Tue May 3, '11 8:07am PST 
For my all my Birthdays my mommy let me eat the meat off chicken wings from my favorite restaurant. Then gave me a big cookie with my name on it & it was yummy. Then she took me to my favorite pet store & let me pick out squeaky toys. Then we went for a nice long walk at the dog park til i got tired. i got another one coming soon i cant wait!!!

Barked: Mon May 9, '11 12:51am PST 
Marty turned one on Saturday, and we celebrated with a groom on Friday, and about 7-8 new toys on Saturday, doggy bakery cookies and cupcakes, new treats, and a trip to the pet store where he proudly marked a pole.

The Wonder- Pooch!
Barked: Sun May 15, '11 11:09am PST 
We had a fun little dog party! After school on the back deck with decorations, koolaid, treats, balloons, big cake, fresh strawberries, treats, family, friends, pooch pal Casey, and more treats! The kids were just tickled over the fuss we made! Lots of new toys and some yummy home made treats from Casey and family. Snickers grand parents, aunt, uncle and cousins including CHi Chi called from TN to sing Happy Birthday too!