question for papillon owners

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Rico Suave

Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 6:31am PST 
Hey my dog rico wears a harness for many hours a day and if I am having issues or am out of town he may wear it for a few days so i can keep him near by incase i have to leave ASAP. (his harness not his sd vest) and I was wondering do you guys and gals have any recommendations for a good coat conditioner shampoo detangler and grooming spray.

under the straps he is getting tangled and so forth and i took over his grooming so i am kinda at a stand still of what to use on him. I know he has dry skin if that helps.

i brush him out regularly and he has more of a puppy coat even at 5 going on 6 years old he does not have the long shaggy pap coat for some reason.

any suggestions appreciated. I also posted under grooming thanks

BTW I currently use a whitening shampoo

Lookin' Pretty
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 8:11am PST 
I don't own a small dog, but I do have a chow-shep mix who gets matts. This Ultra Wash shampoo is the best we've used http://www.bestshotpet.com/category/best-shot-3-step/

I also like their ultra vitalizing de-matting mist. Both work well to get out the snarls.

Insanely- Handsome
Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 10:41am PST 
That is the exact reason why Minnie can't wear a harness. I brush through her coat with a wide toothed come every day.


Love- unconditionally.

Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 11:32am PST 

Pour some over the area, comb it in, and then rinse it out! I love it.

I warn that until Rico dries completely there will be a vague vinegar smell, and you'll think "did I spill salad dressing somewhere?" But I'm happy to report that once it is completely dry there is no smell at all.

Mommy's little- princess
Barked: Thu Apr 28, '11 5:36am PST 
Pet head furball detangling spray in orange bottle. AWESOME STUFF!!!!!! I spray it all over every time I brush and comb my dogs. Leaves them with that just bath feel and it gets tangles out really easily and it makes them smell like strawberries!!!!!
Rico Suave

Barked: Fri Apr 29, '11 8:46pm PST 
i will definitly go look for it. does anyone have suggestions on a coat conditioner that i can use after shampooing? the one i was using i didnt like the chemicals in it.

Butterfly Ears
Barked: Tue May 10, '11 12:29pm PST 
A whitening shampoo is really only for occasional use. It dries the coat making it more breakable and easier to tangle. Go with a more moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. People love Vellus products for Paps or Chris Christensen.