New hair cut in the morning! I'm having second thoughts?!

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The Wonder- Pooch!
Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 5:24pm PST 
First true hair cut and I'm feeling nervous! Love his long coat but feel like it's better for him to have a little bit shorter coat for spring and summer. It is 6 inches long at least now and starting to mat more and more. I did look around DOGSTER to find cute hair styles for him. Do you think taking in the photos is over the top? Wish us luck......
Bingley,- Emmett &- Martika

Little Ewoks
Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 7:09pm PST 
When I first started getting Bingley real haircuts, I used pictures to help me explain since I was new to the whole grooming thing. Now that I know what I want I just tell them, and when Emmett first started going, I just pointed at Bingley for reference, lol.

poopy butt
Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 7:40pm PST 
Pics are always a good idea. Just keep in mind the longer the hair, the more high maintenance it will be. And remember it's only hair and it will grow back.

Natalee Faith

Mamma's Wild- Child
Barked: Fri Apr 15, '11 7:31am PST 
Snickers....did ya get the hair cut yet? How did it go? Not over the top to take in pictures! I know what ya mean about the long hair , Natalee had long hair and I did the trim job...thats scary in itself and I went by a pic off the net...you should have heard me praying out loud,"oh god don't let me ruin this!" I just closed my eyes and took the first cut and the more I cut the cuter she looks! I am very happy with it, I can see her eyes now and she was panting even with a fan on in the house and like 60 outside so I wondered just how hot and unbearable that will be in the HOT summer. Snickers will look adorable!
Natalee acts alot happier now.

The Wonder- Pooch!
Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 9:52am PST 
I posted a few pictures on his page! Read the comment too! May go back on Tuesday to re-cut face?! What do you think?

The Wonder- Pooch!
Barked: Tue Apr 19, '11 1:12pm PST 
Yes, we love it now! Round two but we got the puppyish look instead of the old man! I posted new pictures. What a great groomer we found!
♥Chlo- e- Chanel&heart- s;

Miss Chloe- Ba-by!
Barked: Tue Apr 19, '11 5:24pm PST 
Love the new haircut Snickers! It looks great!

Barked: Thu Apr 21, '11 6:33am PST 
He looks adorable!! I recommend you keep pictures of him newly groomed, just in case some point down the road you have to change groomers. Eg: If you ever move. That way you can bring in a picture of how you want him to look, instead of trying to describe it. Describing and trying to copy what another groomer accomplished can get rather frustrating for everybody.

He really looks perfect though!!

PET ME , LOVE- ME ..give me a- treat !
Barked: Mon Apr 25, '11 9:52pm PST 
I keep Mickey short all year long, s much easyer to brush through! I do my own grooming though!Soooo, he gets clipped every two or so months.