Maltese Yorkie X

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Sniffy Pants- Baloo
Barked: Wed Apr 13, '11 3:45pm PST 
A friend has asked me about this cross breed but I have never heard of the designer breed before. Can anyone here offer some information or a good place to get information on this breed regarding health and reputable breeders in Ontario, Canada.

This friend has never owned a dog before or dealt with a breeder. I am a little concerned whether this is a reputable breed or if only a BYBreed or puppymill breed.

Any information will be appreciated as I don't know much about toy breeds but my experience is more with large and Xlarge breeds.
Thank you,

Please feel free to paw mail me with website information.
Beanster, CD, RN, CGC

We don't - doodle!!!
Barked: Wed Apr 13, '11 4:26pm PST 
As it is a mixed breed and not a true breed there are most likely NO breeders who do any type of testing or even stand behind their dogs. Frankly, I can't see a legitimate reason to cross these breeds since they are very much alike except for color, but I guess the word Morkie is enough for some people to take advantage of.
Rather than buy from a BYB or mill, I would suggest they look into rescues or shelters. Most likely there are plenty of dogs there dying for a home that look like whatever a maltese Yorkie mix would look like and they could save a life rather than promote a mill breeder.

I'm a- MORKIE!
Barked: Wed Apr 13, '11 5:16pm PST 
My mom got me before she "knew" better.
I am a "Morkie" (Maltese & Yorkie).
I was breed in a puppy mill.
When mom realized everything I was suffering from (ring worm, ear mite, ear yeast infections, mange, ...) she contacted the breeder who said to send me back. That would have been my death sentence.
Mom said no and kept me.
I have had many health issues.
My mommy loved me and spent thousands of dollars getting me to a "healthy" state within the first year of my life.
I now have luxating patella.

I have a really cool brother now named Mickey who is a Yorkie.
We play with mom at the YorkiTalk.com boards.

way to go
This is where mom got helpful info to help me & where she learned about backyard breeders before she got Mickey.


What a long- strange trip- it's been.
Barked: Wed Apr 13, '11 5:17pm PST 
It would be near impossible if not impossible to find a reputable breeder of such dogs...Try petfinder.com for one!

The Wonder- Pooch!
Barked: Wed Apr 13, '11 5:51pm PST 
I have a Morkie and love him to pieces. Know that if the mother is Maltese the pups will have more of her characteristics. I came to my pooch by adopting him from a family that had unexpected health problems(unrelated to the dog). He is smart, active, loving, happy and MINE! He is a good balance of fun and lap dog. He completes our family and hope you find just what you are looking for~ we sure did with our Morkie! blue dog
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Wed Apr 13, '11 6:33pm PST 
Snickers... the puppies will inherit equally from the father AND the mother...it makes absolutely no difference which parent is which breed. Same as with people genetics... if your mother has red hair and your father has black hair it DOES NOT follow that you will have red hair from your mother... you might, or you might have black hair, either choice is totally dependent on genes and not which parent has them.

Still even more- to learn.
Barked: Wed Apr 13, '11 7:07pm PST 
My sister owns a puggle pug/beagle cross. Her vet told her that crosses like that can have traits from the father the mother or neither they can exhibit traits that are a throwback to one of the breeds that made either the pug or the beagle or whatever breedX you're talking about this just seemed like a good place to share that little bit of trivia. This means if it's a maltese yorkie x it can take after either,both or neither in traits.

The Wonder- Pooch!
Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 4:50am PST 
Demi Joy

mamma's angel
Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 6:13am PST 
Well I have to get in on this one.... I too have a Morkie and she is from a puppy mill but the one a vet in this town reccommended! That being said our Demi did come from a puppy mill before I knew better as well. This breeder is known to be "more humane" then most. Anyway like Snickers, we ADORE our Morkie and our Demi sounds just like Snickers!
Toto....what you are saying does make sense however if you look on "reputable" web sites about the Morkies....they DO tell you that if the mom is a Maltese they call them Morkies and are supposed to take on more of the moms (Malt's) traits...if the mom was a Yorkie they call them Yorktese and they are supposed to take on the Yorkie traits...again all this being said I have 2 Malts and a Morkie and my Morkie definately took on the traits of her mom. I'm not saying you are wrong in your statement Toto, please don't think that but I know where Snickers is coming from...been there! Either way they are wonderful little dogs! Sweet temperment, eager to please, etc.
When people meet our dogs they always want the Morkie! When I was looking for one 2 years ago now I found some "reputable" Yorkie breeders and thats where I found the Morkie info. Around here I have seen 4 rescues in the past 2 years and all were after we got our Demi.

Sniffy Pants- Baloo
Barked: Thu Apr 14, '11 8:13am PST 
I'd have to agree with Toto on the genetics... but if these breeders are saying a dog resembles the mother over the father then they are specifically breeding for that and selling the others as another breed or disposing of the undisirable puppies... Sorry. That's one of the reason's that makes puppy mills bad.

All your pups are very cute, I see why my friend loves them. Thank you for the yorkie talk site and health information. I am always very concerned when breeders start mixing DNA, and am cautioning her to choose a pure bred if she does not want to rescue.
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