Bichon Frise w/ black skin?

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Barked: Fri Apr 8, '11 8:05pm PST 
I have a 6yr old male Bichon Frise that we added to our family about a month ago. When we first got him, he had just been groom and we could see his pink skin with slight black spots on his tummy. Since then we have noticed the back of his ears and his back area turn darker and darker. Is this normal for this breed? Should I be worried?cry
Ch. Ali, CGC

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Barked: Sat Apr 9, '11 4:36am PST 
Perfectly normal. The sunlight darkens their pigment. My white toy poodles will turn completely black skinned in the next few weeks up here in NH.

Barked: Sat Apr 9, '11 7:22am PST 
I was going to say could it be an old injury?? My boyfriends bosses daughter has a purebred Bichon that had black on its back.... It had been mauled by another dog 5 or 6 years ago... the black is JUST going away now.


Barked: Sat Apr 9, '11 10:04am PST 
Perfectly normal!! Bichons are known to have pigmentation all over their bodies...I call it cow spotting, but offically its just pigmentation. It is desired by show breeders, and can get darker with age.

So, no worries! Just all part of the bichon package!! smile

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Barked: Sun Apr 10, '11 9:30am PST 
Thank you so much to everyone. That has eased my worries! Someone told me it was an irritation from flea's but he's white and we don't see a thing! Plus he as monthly flea medication we give him.

We also realized he has been outside way more with us than he was with his previous family, so based on everyone's post, it makes us feel much better!

Thanks everyonehug