Fitting my Frenchie under the airline seat

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Barked: Thu Mar 24, '11 12:03am PST 
I am flying soon with my 8 month old frenchie & have come across some issues and was wondering if anyone else has been thru the same. The airline measurements for the under the seat bag seem pretty tiny. He is about 12 inches tall at the shoulders and the height listed online says 9 or 10 inches. If he just lays down in the bag the entire time & doesn't move much (he usually just sleeps while in the bag the whole time) will he still be able to fly? Do they measure the dog or the bag excessively? Thanks for any advice and info anyone has on this issue!
Oh and I'm flying Allegiant airlines if anyone has experience with pet traveling with them!
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Never flown with them. I've seen airlines go through periods where they will literally weigh the carry-on dogs in their carriers or measure obviously over-sized carriers. Before Scooter graduated to SD status, we flew using a Samsonite carrier (like a sherpa bag). They are 11" tall, but squish down to fit under the seats. The main thing is that the dog can reasonably stand up and turn around in the closed carrier. If they look too cramped, they can turn you away. Unfortunately, some people will try to stuff their dog into a carry-on sized carrier when the dog is too large.

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He should be fine. Milton can't stand in his airline carrier. Milton slept the entire flight.

The night before the flight take your dog on the longest walk he can physically do and when you return let him drink water. Then take it away. You can give him some on the flight. It's great your dog is already use to traveling in the carrier. Don't make a big deal out of it. Before the flight it's a good idea to briefly walk your dog outside the airport. This can allow him to get use to the loud noises. Also if possible before the flight take public transportation. The scents and sounds are similar to a flight.

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At a Frenchie national a few years ago a number of the dogs flying home with their owners were weighed out OR told their carriers would not fit under the seats. Left the poor dogs and owners scrambling for other arrangements to get home, since they would not fly them as cargo.
I would definitely make sure of the weight and size restrictions BEFORE I got to the airport!
I had to drive Lukie to his shows because he was too big for the underseat carriers and I wouldn't let him go in cargo.
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I have had my dog fly in cabin before, but they were/are very small dogs. The height restriction listed (usually) is for the height of the carrier your dog will be in. That is (most likely) the height clearance under the seats. Soft sided carriers are normally a bit taller than this, but they are also flexible enough to squish down a little. But if in doubt, call the airline for clarification.

Does the airline have a weight restriction? Ask if the restricted weight limit is for the dog or the dog in carrier weight. Keep in mind what the carrier looks like with your dog in it. Sardine in a can? Although your pup may not move much in the carrier there needs to be enough room still. Last thing you want is for the airline to say, 'sorry your dog doesn't have enough room' and your plans go downhill from there.

EDIT: My advice to anyone who flies their dog in cabin, get a seat as close to the front as you can. Or closest to the entrance you can so you can leave quickly. Make sure you don't get a seat close to the wing... don't want to be close to the engine rumble the whole flight.

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