Question for multiple dog owners.

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Wittle Girl

I am the cutiest- girl
Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 7:44am PST 
So I already have a 3 year old pom but recently have been thinking of getting another. Do you think she would be happy with a friend or will she feel less loved? How did your pets feel about a new addition?
Bailey - BN, RN, CGC

Are you sure I- wwant to sleep
Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 7:50am PST 
it depends on the dogs Bailey gets along with most dogs but when my aunt and uncle lived with us with there 3 dogs she constantly fought with them. But when I brought opal in they got along great and as far as attention goes i always give bailey it first to make her feel special and when you do something like feeding or getting ready for a walk remain consistent on the routine

snugglesaurus- rex
Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 8:28am PST 
my parents had a 2 year old boston when they got their second, they're inseparable now. blue dogblue dog


too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 8:58am PST 
Wiley was an only dog til about 5 when I got Squ'mey at 8 weeks old. I made sure to have a place Wiley could go to escape the puppy, plus made sure to have special one on one time with him also. He soon learned that puppy training meant treats, so he would gladly show off his sit/down & other tricks. They are truly best buddies now, almost 2 years later. They don't sleep together, but one won't go out without the other, unless it's time for that dog's individual walk. Then the other one pouts by the door until we return.
Two dogs are triple the work, but four times the lovinblue dog
She~She - RIP sweet- girl

Yes I am a Chow - No I will not- bite you
Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 9:51am PST 
My dogs are always happy to have another fur in the house, BUT they have never been "only" dogs shrug
I have always had more than 1 dog so they would have company when I'm not at home.

Barked: Wed Feb 23, '11 10:09am PST 
Like I said in another post, my 2 may as well be joined at the hips cause they are inseperatable. They never leave each others side. They both get equal love and attention from me so neither fells less loved then the other.
Demi Joy

mamma's angel
Barked: Thu Feb 24, '11 2:38am PST 
So is this dog your only dog in the house for the 3 years you have had her?? That may be a problem yet on the other hand she may really enjoy a fur sib. Like most said already if you make special time for both of them they should do fine. Lexi was our first and like all the info says we feed her first, we do everything with her first..she was here first. My three girls have never seemed to mind having another fur-sib. Mine LOVE to go on walks together, infact Demi will almost refuse to walk with out Lexi. Before we got the second furkid, I asked the vet and his staff the same question you have asked and before I could finish the sentence he and his assistant said,"Oh yes Lexi would love a playmate"...and she did.
Best of luck!
Misty *RIP- Mommy's- Angel*

Is that food for- me???
Barked: Thu Feb 24, '11 5:21am PST 
I know this isn't a particularly helpful responce, but it completely depends on the dogs in question. Some dogs love to have pals around, some are fine being the only pup in the house.
We got Misty in February of '09, and started looking for a second dog right away since we were pretty sure we wanted 2. It took us 3 meetings with potential 2nd dogs before we found a good match. Misty is a dominant female, despite how submissive she is with people. We found a good match in Fagan who is a smaller, more submissive, male. There was really no question who was going to be in charge. When they first met Fagan walked right up to Misty and licked her in the face, she let out one soft growl and he ran away, they have been best friends ever since. They play together, and wrestle, and run, they are attatched at the hip. As I am typing this they are playing tug of war with a nylabone, happy as can be! big grin

Team Edward/ I- love Bear
Barked: Thu Feb 24, '11 6:25am PST 

In my house we have 6 dogs and 3 cats. And averytime my mom brings a other dog or cat in house she always loves on all of us and cares for us, We dont mind other dog.

I'm A Radio- Star!!
Barked: Thu Feb 24, '11 6:55am PST 
We have two dogs. We got DeeJay when Andy was 7 months old and she was just two months old. Andy took care of her like he was her Mother! We were really suprised. They get along just wonderful! You can see they love each other a lot. Best thing we ever did was get a second dog.
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