Mom was a Boston, what do you think daddy was?

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Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 9:00am PST 
I am 11 wks and weigh in at 7lbs. I have wiry hair!

Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 9:33am PST 
Handsome? shock

Ch. BIS- Wandering Spirit- Vom Wildweg CGC
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 9:36am PST 


The Baby Geams
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 9:46am PST 
Sometimes your vet can do a blood test to see who your parents were!
Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 9:48am PST 
OMD! You are so cute!
The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 10:19am PST 
Holy cow you are cute!!!
Maybe jack russel.
Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 10:35am PST 
I second schnauzer.
Drover- Deputy Of- Security

Mr. Pudge
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 11:04am PST 
looks like a mini schnauzer- very cute! smile
★Diesel- ★

Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 11:52am PST 
Definitely Schnauzer..... smile Hes Adorable

Bird chaser!!!
Barked: Mon Jan 31, '11 3:15pm PST 
Yep I am going to totaly agree with the mini schnauzer. You are SOOO cute!
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