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Moms laid back- pom
Barked: Wed Jan 5, '11 8:54pm PST 
She is 8 weeks old, weighs 3 pounds, and Mom named her "Bridget". She has a very laid back and trusting disposition, and is cute as a button. I wanted a "docile" dog for my mom, as Mom is frail these days; I don't think we could have done better than Bridget.

And she's bright! At the pet shop, Bridget liked to play with our shoe laces, a behavior to break early. Well, I got her a little rubber chew toy with some twine on each end, put it by my shoe, and she totally got it! No more attacking our shoes, she took the new toy and owned it. She even barked at it (so cute) and pranced off with it knowing that she owns that.

Needless to say, my Mom is thrilled.

But I am finding conflicting advice on the Internet, and among local breeder(s) as to what to feed this cutey.

Whatever happened to the Internet? Now it's like, "We have the answers, buy my book!" Or pay a monthly subscription fee that you opt out of at any time! Yeah, right.

I raised a show quality Dobe way back when, so I am not without some experience. But you don't feed a Doberman table scraps and expect to pay the mortgage at the same time. I'm getting conflicting information about the "little dog" Pomeranian. One source says don't feed her commercial products, one says do.

So, here I am to ask? What has been your experience and best advice?
The Boys

The Three- Stooges.
Barked: Wed Jan 5, '11 9:17pm PST 
I fed both of mine Chicken Soup for the dog lovers soul when they were puppies. They both did real well on it.
She is just adorable by the way.cloud 9

Barked: Wed Jan 5, '11 10:15pm PST 
I dont know where you are but I feed my small dogs ORIGEN all life stages all breed. or Acana or Taste of the Wild lol I make sure that I know what the ingredients are and that the first 2 or 3 at the very least are meat. I should say thats what I used to feed now we are on raw. but if you want a kibble go with the highest quality you can find.

Rico Suave

Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 2:03am PST 
I am tiny dog! When my moomy got me at nine weeks I weighed 20 oz yup one and a 1/4 lbs.

I eat natural balance duck & potato small bites because I have allergies but penny likes it to she is a little yorkie mix. try the nutrition forums!
Yoopie- (U.P.)

Cutest Ugly- Puppy Ever
Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 10:28am PST 
When Yoopie was small and we thought he'd stay on his dad's side of the weight profile (~15 lbs), we fed him Bil Jac which he loved, after a quick transition from Ol Roy, which my mother fed him as a puppy, to Iams, which was what we could afford at the time. We've also tried:

- Avoderm (Yoopie didn't like it and I was a little concerned about the avocados)
- Blue Buffalo (Yoopie picked out the "life bits" or whatever they are)
- Natural Ultramix Puppy Formula (too expensive to feed to both Yoopie and 70 lb Dingo)

and now he eats the same thing Dingo does, which is Nature's Recipe Large Breed Puppy. It's cheaper to buy a big bag and feed both.

I <3 MEAT!
Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 11:23am PST 
My What a cute lil pup! We feed Taste of The Wild! It's super yummy and comes in 4 different flavors! If you want a puppy food, there is Solid Gold or Wellness. Enjoy your lil cutie!

I'm a trilingual- dog!
Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 11:27am PST 

And we feed our Doberman homecooked.. wink

She's cute, but curious as to why you would have brought a dog from a pet store, since you also claim to have experience with a show-quality Dobe, though.. frown
Yoopie- (U.P.)

Cutest Ugly- Puppy Ever
Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 1:17pm PST 
Not to hijack the thread, but I agree with Lilith on the pet store pup thing. Not that they don't need homes too, but they're often poorly bred and from a BYB or puppy mill. Shelter doggies or ones from a good breeder are the way to go... however I personally would never get a dog from a breeder. I can't afford it, and there are lots and lots of death row pups that need a home. A pet store or breeder dog are not in any danger of death. Although Yoopie is our "oops" litter pup (which is why he was fed Ol Roy when he was a baby eek)

I don't walk, I- prance!
Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 1:24pm PST 
Lillith, good question! way to go

Rufio was on Wellness for puppies when I got him, but not he eats Raw and LOVES it!

I hate sweaters
Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 5:10pm PST 
I don't remember what kibble Remy was on as a puppy, but I know he was getting Wellness Just for Puppy in his kongs and he loved that.
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