Skin problems in small dogs.

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Barked: Wed Jan 5, '11 1:33pm PST 
My dog has a skin problem.It started several month ago with a bump under her skin.Looked like a lip om ,but then came up and broke ,and cloudy, bloody liquid came out of it .It opens with 2 holes with round inward edges .She is spade.She doesn't scratch them.Tries to leak them,but doesn't do it as a rule.She 's been on antibiotic for may be 2-3 months/from the group of the Penicilline /; Rymadil for 3 weeks.The laboratory is normal,cytology too.She doesn't have a high fiver .Now doesn't have much of an appetite.No parasites 's been found.All the sores are on her trunk.New and old.Even on medication ,she has new bumps,that opened..with 2 holes...ans she doesn't have yet a diagnosis.If anyone have heard or have seen anything like it,please let me know.If you have questions,please ask me!
Thank you!
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Wed Jan 5, '11 5:39pm PST 
Is she around horses?? Sounds almost like they could be bot fly larvae.

Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 1:42pm PST 
no she ,is not.never been.nothing's been found coming out of her sores.like larval

Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 2:23pm PST 
hmmmm, poodles have that disease SA, but that is standards only, and mini schnauzers have a weird skin disease but that's all I know about. Strange!!!
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Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 4:06pm PST 
Toto- I've had my share of Mini Schnauzer skin problems, but I've never heard of anything like this.

What is your vet suggesting? Getting a second opinion might be helpful. What do you feed? It doesn't sound like it would be food related, but you never know. What do you feed her?

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Barked: Thu Jan 6, '11 6:03pm PST 
Does it look like a "bullseye" type of wound? ...circular patch of hairloss, smooth...normal color, and with a dark colored "center mark"? Was the "liquid" a brownish red color? Did this all start out as a "bump" or "cyst" under the skin? Maybe the size of a pea?

If this sounds similar, then YES I am familiar with this. It's a YEAST overgrowth issue, and NO..your vets will NOT be of any help. Been there, done that...and vets are a HUGE waste of time. "nuff said. silenced

Whem my dog was 2 yo, she had a full blown yeast overgrowth issue. We spent over $800 in countless blood work tests at the vets. First they said it was "just allergies". Then, they told me that she had IBD and they handed me a can of Science Diet ZD cr*p food. That's when I decided to go it on my own, and found a holistic route. I never looked back! I'm a firm believer that holistic treatments are the answer to dog "allergies", which usually will clear up after you treat for yeast overgrowth. And btw, there is usually a ZINC DEFICIENCY issue, and a grain intolerance issue linked in with the yeast/allergy issues.

The cysts that burst are basically toxins which have built up in the system, which the liver has been just too overloaded to deal with. Yeast create a lot of toxins for the liver, etc. If you do decide to treat your dog holistically, you will see a few more of these cysts pop up as the toxins are cleared from the body.

The amount of time it takes to treat for yeast issues (internally, not just externally) is a min of 6 MONTHS, but very well worth it. You have to be committed to the protocol, or it won't work. There are a lot of supplements and holistic herbal tinctures and diet change involved (need to feed homecooked, ideally), but again, it's so worth it!! My dog is almost 9yo now and she has never had any more allergy issues since. She is also still on a 100% homecooked diet that is grain free (except for occasional oatmeal added in now and then).

IF you think that this is what your dog has, and you are interested in what I did to treat my dog, let me know and I can post it (it's long and involved to post).

IF you do not think you can do homecooked, then I think you can try to do this with "kibble", but it will take MUCH longer. Sugars feed yeast, and all carbs break down into sugars, so the idea is to keep to low glycemic carbs and in very small portions. The main part of the diet consists of high quality proteins (chicken, turkey, salmon, etc). There are some proteins you should not feed while treating for yeast (beef, egg, dairy). And you usually begin this protocol with a 12 week "elimination diet".

Sites that can help you with info on yeast = (note: read ALL the articles so that you can get a basic understanding of what yeast overgrowth is, and what it entails to get rid of it. I did many of the things listed in the articles below, but some things I did NOT do...others that I did do, are not listed. If interested, I will share what worked for my particular dog, but again I have to sress that you need to be committed 100% to the protocol or you will not get results. You may want to first start by just changing to homecooked foods and adding a probiotic and a zinc supplement (consult your vet on the dose...but for my 14.5 Shih Tzu, a 10mg-15 mg of zinc gluconate 3-4x week was what we dosed), on top of her regular multi-vitamin mineral supplement.


ht tp://www.b-naturals.com/newsletter/scratching-and-itching-could-it-b e-yeast/


http:// www.earthclinic.com/Pets/yeast_infections_dogs.html

http://www.au naturelk9s.com/treatingyeast.html

http://www.akitarescue.com/Trea ting Skin Yeast.htm
(this is info for a VERY large dog, so ignore amounts given for supplements!! you would give much less for a small dog, if you followed the info in this article).

Check to make sure your dog is NOT "hypothyroid". Many times dogs with hypothyroid issues have many yeast allergies, etc. But then again, my dog had a low-normal T4 when she had the yeast issue, and then once it was over, her T4 was perfect! Still, I'd have a full thyroid panel run just to make sure. If it's below low-normal, you may want to treat for hypothyroidism. And, I've heard from friends that a zinc deficiency has lowered thyroid, and once their dog was supplemented with zinc...the thyroid normalized. So...? Vets don't seem to know anything about nutrition!, so my advice is just to research as much as you can on your own and then present the info to the vet to discuss.

Do NOT dose more zinc than is recommended by your VET, as over supplementing minerals is dangerous! So, stick to the correct dose, and only dose a few times per week, imho. Again, consult your VET on this subject.

IF you do the protocol to fight yeast, you will see symptoms get worse, before they get better! But...it does get better, if yeast is the only issue (vs a thyroid issue, etc).

I stayed away from vaccines and flea meds, etc while treating my dog for her yeast issue. You want to keep the dog's system as toxin free as you can. I used a homeopathic detoxifier for my dog, daily, for 2 weeks. (Azmira Detoxifier) from www.Azmira.com . They have an EXCELLENT tech support for their products and protocols. The number is on their web site.

Good luck! I hope your pup gets better very soon! cheer

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Barked: Sat Jan 8, '11 2:18pm PST 
it sounds similar to the staph infection my moms pom had. he kept getting these bumps in different patchess all over and losing his fur where they were

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Barked: Mon Jan 17, '11 12:40pm PST 
We had skin issues too but doesn't sound like this. We had several staph infections due to some sort of allergen (according to the vet.

He would break out specifically in low fur areas like his underside and then small bumps would form and burst exposing pus. After dosing with antibiotics for 10 day cycles (we did this twice in one month as it kept coming back) and daily antibacterial shampoo baths, I started looking for alternative treatments. We switched from Eukanuba (he was on this when I got him) to Innova but then it was bought out by the same co. that owns Eukanuba I got really upset because I had spent so much time researching quality foods as a solution to this issue. I gave up and switched to a raw diet and it hasn't let me down yet. At first I started noticing small differences like doggie smell reduction and teeth cleanliness and the breakouts were clearing on their own. Then the reactions became smaller so he would only have a few red bumps that would disappear and then he stopped getting them altogether. wink

I helped this out by spraying 50/50 water to organic apple cider vinegar solution on his coat every day after the sores cleared. I would apply triple antibiotic ointment to all sores several times a day until they healed(I still do the ointment when he gets minor scratches and abrasions due to regular terrier mischievousness, it helps it heal faster). I would definitely try looking into holistic medicine, 2 months on antibacterial meds sounds completely awful.

The only thing I can generically say we've tried for allergies is Clemastine (get a correct dosage from your vet but they come in small white tabs at a regular pharmacy and it's an over the counter medicine safe for people and dogs in correct dosage). The Clemastine with the apple cider vinegar sprays and the triple antibiotic got us through the immediate crisis until the raw kicked in.

Theses might work for you but if they do keep in mind that it is only a band-aid and that you are going to have to address the underlying issues.