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Anyone Help us ID this Breed?

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Yoopie- (U.P.)

Cutest Ugly- Puppy Ever
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 11:27am PST 
This little girl was picked up on the streets of Salt Lake City, UT. She does have cherry eye and some back problems - walks hunched and limps - so we think she was hit by a car. Unfortunately, I don't live up there, my mother in law does, so I can't physically examine the dog; she looks like a small terrier-type, but the people who have her right now think she's a Chihuahua. However since I'm not familiar with all the little breeds, she could be something else and I would appreciate any input on IDing her breed smile Also, if anyone in the SLC area recognizes this dog, PLEASE SPEAK UP! I suspect she's a stray because her cherry eye hasn't been treated, but she could be someone's pet.


Little Girl

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bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 12:33pm PST 
It's kind of difficult to tell from the picture. She does look terrierish to me, though. This is probably way off but she also kind of reminds me of a Papillon without all the feathering.
Yoopie- (U.P.)

Cutest Ugly- Puppy Ever
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 6:43pm PST 
Thankfully a home has been found for her - my friend says that it's her original home, but I don't know if they did any verification. Anyway, who wouldn't want that cute face?

Sarah, CWSR,- CWG1, CGC

Million Dollar- Mutt
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 7:01pm PST 
Rat terrier/long haired chihuahua? Glad she's back in her home!