are my puppys paws going to burn?????

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Polar Bear - "Bear"

Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 3:55am PST 
I have a 5 month old japanese spitz boy who i have been taking for walks but he is used to grass and today after a run at beach in sea and lots of walking on concrete because he loves it his pads look and feel rough and one seems cracked.. im worried he may have burnt them?

any advice please
Stella Agnes- CGC/TDI

CGC, Therapy- Dog. My velcro- girl!
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 6:40am PST 
If you think his paws are getting irritated, then I would buy some "paw" cream or balm. I'm not sure what they are...lots of products, I think...but one that you can buy at the drugstore is called "Bag Balm". My daughters were high level gymnasts and used to get "rips" all the time from doing bars, etc., and bought Bag Balm to soften them. I think the original purpose was to soften cow teats, lol.

If you don't- claim it, it's- mine!
Barked: Mon Jan 3, '11 10:15am PST 
I've heard great things about bag balm as well and musher's secret, we are currenly using excel paw safe for conditioning and it't not too shabby.